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How good is your knowledge of music issues?

in the groove:with Fred Zindi


I have compiled the questions below to challenge your knowledge of issues to do with music with the hope that they will keep you away from boredom.

The correct answers are found below, but don’t look for them before completion. This should take you one hour of lockdown time.

1.Thomas Mapfumo is a Zimbabwean musician currently living in which state in the United States of America?

2. What is the name of the musician-cum-politician who recently contested elections in Uganda?

3. On what date did Oliver Mtukudzi die in 2019?

4. Andy Brown was once married to a famous mbira player known as?

5. Oliver Mtukudzi’s daughter who is also a singer is called?

6. With which musician would you associate the 1986 Graceland album?

7. Beatlemania became a concept after the success of a song titled Please Please Me from a 1960s band known as?

8. Which Swedish band made an international hit with the song Knowing Me, Knowing You?

9. Who is Selmor Mtukudzi married to?

10. What is the stage name of Tariro Chaniwa-Ruzvidzo?

11. What is the name of the white artiste who made a hit with Gypsy Girl in Zimbabwe?

12. What is Winky D’s real name?

13. Which artiste who wedded at Rufaro Stadium fronted the Green Arrows Band in the 1970s?

14. Which Zimbabwean helped Bob Marley to write the song Zimbabwe?

15. Which Zimbabwean artiste is often referred to as ‘Mukanya’?

16. What is the name of Zimbabwe’s popular singer who is also Andy Brown’s daughter?

17. Who fronted the Bhundu Boys at the peak of their success?

18. Which famous South African musician died on January 23, 2018?

19. What is the name of the Zimbabwean artiste whose biggest hit was Shaina?

20. Who is the author of the book Music Rocking Zimbabwe?

21. Which famous South African artiste made the internationally-acclaimed hit song Jerusalem?

22. What is the stage name of Jamaican reggae singer Winston Rodney?

23. Which late South African singer had the hits Pata Pata and The Click Song?

24. What is Jah Prayzah’s real name?

25. Who is the author of the book Poor and Famous?

26. Who composed the tune Skokiaan?

27. What type of musical instrument is the nyunga nyunga?

28. What is the stage name of Jamaican reggae singer James Chambers?

29. Who is Winky D’s manager?

30. What is the name of the band which had a hit with Hotel California?

31. What Zimbabwean band tried to change their name to “Follow the Crocodile” during their tour of England?

32. Which mbira player recorded the song Ndinewe on her first album?

33. Name the Zimbabwean council responsible for clearing international artistes coming to perform in Zimbabwe.

34. Who was Oliver Mtukudzi’s white manager in the 1990s?

35. Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag was a big hit for which Black American singer?

36.What is the first name of Oliver Mtukudzi’s last wife.

37. Which Zimbabwean artiste sang the song True Love and made a hit with the band Ilanga?

38.Which American singer, born on April 2, 1938 gave us the songs Let’s Get It On and Sexual Healing?

39. Which mbira player was born in Olympia, Washington, and later came to Zimbabwe where she recorded Ancient Voices?

40. Which late Zimbabwean artiste became famous after churning out hits such as Venenzia and Chitekete?

41. The sound quality which enables the ear to distinguish between instruments is known as?

42. Who is Jah Prayzah’s manager?

43. Who composed the song Grazing In The Grass which sold over 4 million copies worldwide?

44. When two or more musical notes are sounded simultaneously together, this process is known as?

45. What music genre is produced by Chillspot Records?

46. What is Stephen Kudzanai Mamhere’s stage name?

47. What is Soul Jah Love’s real name?

48. What was the stage name of John Nyamukokoko?

49. Who penned the song Hapana Asina Wake?

50. Which artiste was born in Leighton, Alabama, in 1941 and came up with a haunting ballad titled When A Man Loves A Woman?

51. Two founding members of Transit Crew band had similar first names. What is this name?

52. Who sang the song Nesango?

53. Who was Whitney Houston married to?

54. Who is Beyonce’s husband?

55. Which African group made a hit with Woyaya in the 1960s?

56. What is the name of the British-based reggae band which consisted of Angus Gaye, Brinsley Forde and Tony Gad Robinson?

57. Who sang the song Anodyiwa Haataure Manyepo?

58. Which Jamaican artiste sang the song Night Nurse?

59. What is the stage name of a Bulawayo-based musician also known as Majahawodwa Ndlovu?

60.What stage name is Robert Allen Zimmerman associated with?

61. What is the first name of Simon Chimbetu’s late brother and musical partner?

62. What is the stage name of Neville O’Riley Livingstone?

63. Which controversial Zimdancehall artiste came up with the song Ndini Uya Uya?

64. Give the name of the Jamaica artiste who was superbly supported by the Wailers Band and I-Threes.

65. Which Zimbabwean gospel artiste has a son who is into Zimdancehall?

66. Name the singer who left the Commodores Band to become a successful solo artiste.

67. Name one popular gospel singer who is also married to a gospel singer.

68. Name the four members of the British band that released the album Abbey Road in the 1960s.

69. Name the Zimbabwean female singer who opened for Michael Jackson at London’s Wembley Arena in 1992?

70. Which Zimdancehall artiste owns a house in Aspindale Park, Harare?

71. Name the late Simon Chimbetu’s son who is also a popular singer.

72. Name the late American artiste who fronted a band called Champagne at the age of 12.

73. Which Zimdancehall artiste made a hit with the song Kanjiwa?

74. Who sang with Maungwe Brothers and had the hit Mugove which propelled him to national stardom?

75. What is the surname of Diana who sang Why Do Fools Fall In Love in 1981?

76. Who sang Fadza Mutengi Wedoro?

77. Name the top group from Victoria Falls who sang Misozi.

78. Musician Agabbu is the son of which famous Afro-jazz singer?

79. Who sang Chisikana Changu Zimbabwe?

80. Tawanda, Abbie, Kelly, Collin and Philip were members of which famous Zimbabwean group?

81. Brenda Fassie was a musician from which country?

82. Name the group formed in Mutare in the 1980s, five members of which had the surnames Muparutsa?

83. Who was the controversial member of the original Wailers who sang alongside Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer?

84. Who is the lead singer in the Third Generation Band?

85. Which artiste, whose song, Character, was nominated for the KORA awards in South Africa in 1996?

86. What mixed race reggae group was formed in Birmingham, England, whose name was taken from the British Unemployment Benefit Form?

87. What is the name of a young people’s band, formed in Zimbabwe in 1988 and came up with the hit Yarira Ngoma?

88. Which Zimbabwean band made a hit song titled Shosholoza in 1987?

89. What is the first name of Michael Jackson’s father?


90. Which American Country and Western singer did the Bhundu Boys collaborate with on My Best Friend?

91. Which sungura artiste is also known as Baba Shero?

92. Which member of Destiny’s Child went solo and became very successful?

93. Which British reggae band came to Zimbabwe in 1982 and spent six months?

94. What is the name of King 98’s late father?

95. What is the name of Kelly Rusike’s band?

96. What does the acronym RnB mean?

97. Who was the lead singer in the band Queen?

98. Who is the Makarova Gunners hitmaker?

99. Which Zimbabwean artiste, now living in America, sang I’stimela?

100. Which Zimbabwean blind singer went to prison in 1990 after being convicted of rape?

1 Oregon; 2. Bobi Wine; 3. 23 January; 4. Chiwoniso Maraire; 5. Selmor Mtukudzi; 6. Paul Simon; 7. The Beatles; 8. Abba; 9. Tendai Manatsa; 10. Tariro neGitare; 11. David Scobie; 12. Wallace Chirumiko; 13. Zexie Manatsa; 14 Gibson Mandishona; 15. Thomas Mapfumo; 16. Ammara Brown; 17. Biggie Tembo; 18.

Hugh Masekela; 19. Alexio Kawara; 20. Fred Zindi; 21. K.G. Master; 22. Burning Spear; 23. Miriam Makeba; 24. Mukudzei Mukombe; 25. Clive ‘Mono’ Mukundu; 26. August Musarurwa; 27. Mbira; 28. Jimmy Cliff; 29. Jonathan Banda; 30. The Eagles; 31. Devera Ngwena Jazz Band; 32. Hope Masike; 33.

National Arts Council of Zimbabwe; 34. Debbie Metcalfe; 35. James Brown; 36. Daisy; 37. Busi Ncube; 38. Marvin Gaye; 39. Chiwoniso Maraire; 40. Leonard Dembo; 41. Timbre; 42. Keen Mushapaidze; 43. Hugh Masekela; 44. Harmony; 45. ZimDancehall; 46. Enzo Ishall; 47. Soul Musaka; 48. John Chibadura; 49.

Tanga Wekwa Sando; 50. Percy Sledge; 51. Munya; 52. Clive Malunga; 53. Bobby Brown; 54. Jay Z; 55. Osibisa; 56. Aswad; 57. System Tazvida; 58. Gregory Isaacs; 59. Jeys Marabini; 60. Bob Dylan; 61. Naison Chimbetu; 62. Bunny Wailer; 63. Soul Jah Love; 64. Bob Marley; 65. Machanic Manyeruke; 66. Lionel Ritchie; 67. Charles Charamba; 68. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr; 69. Rozalla Miller; 70. Killer T; 71. Sulumani Chimbetu; 72.

Prince; 73. Enzo Ishall; 74. Leonard Zhakata; 75. Ross; 76. Poptain; 77. Mokoomba; 78. Bob Nyabinde; 79. Dereck Mpofu; 80. Rusike Brothers; 81. South Africa; 82. RUNN Family; 83. Peter Tosh; 84. Jah Prayzah; 85. Prince Tendai Mupfurutsa; 86. UB40; 87. Frontline Kids; 88. Ilanga; 89. Joseph; 90. Don Williams; 91.

Alick Macheso; 92. Beyonce; 93. Misty-In-Roots; 94. Thompson Dondo; 95. Jazz Invitation; 96. Rhythm and Blues; 97. Freddie Mercury; 98. Killer T; 99. Lovemore Majaivana; 100. Paul Matavire.


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