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Phil Zulu delights in debut video

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Afro-fusion musician Phil Zulu has released his debut video song Chirimuninga, a move that he described as a milestone in his career.

The video song was launched on February 2.

Zulu, who is the son of popular Marabhi King, Kireni Zulu, is now working on other video songs of his album Hope-Tariro.

“I am elated to premiere my debut video song. It is quite an achievement in my music career. Every musician dreams of releasing videos and I had to work hard to be where I am today. I am now working on releasing my debut video album Tariro which will be complete by July this year,” he said.

Chirimuninga is a song about a married woman who is keeping a “secret child” and finding it difficult to tell her husband.

“This is the story of a woman who knows well that the child she has doesn’t belong to her husband. So, she is being haunted by the secret and cannot tell
anyone about it to save her marriage,” added Zulu.

The 37-year-old artiste ventured into professional music in 2006 after having been a sound engineer for his father for a long time.

He recorded his debut album Zvenzeve with Zimbabwe Music Corporation (ZMC).

Last year, he released his second album Tariro after a 10-year sabbatical.

The album carries songs like Guyu, Kuwirirana and a remix of his father’s hit track Tommy off the album Panyika Pano.

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