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Kae Chaps opens up about heartbreak, trendy Juzi tune

By Kennedy Nyavaya

The mysterious lady who broke Kudakwashe “Kae Chaps” Chapepa‘s heart sent a text to him on Friday, but it was too late as the talented vocalist has moved on and will not be returning the sweater (juzi) as the song purports.

The 24-year-old musician was trending across various social media platforms after his emotionally charged smash-hit titled Juzi caught the attention of many locally and abroad.

Speaking to Standard Style, Kae Chaps said the song, inspired by a break-up last December, was a way of expressing himself and healing in the process.

“This song was very personal for me to be honest because in December I broke up with someone after a five-month-long relationship and although it is not much, it was the most meaningful relationship I have ever had,” he said.

“When it happened I got into anxiety as well as depression because I was torn and felt like I could not continue. So, this song was my way of healing through doing what I know best, singing.”

But, what started off as an expression of sad feelings mixed with piercing vocals has turned into a trend with online challenges starting to pour in yet the Rugare-bred singer is not certain about how to feel.

“It has been a bit of mixed emotions for me because I feel like I am happy, but I am also very nervous because everything is happening so fast and at the same time. But then again I am content because this is what I have been praying for since I started music,” said Kae Chaps.

Having made the decision to pursue music full-time in 2015 after finishing his A’ Level studies the previous year but failing to continue with tertiary education owing to financial constraints, this could be the youngster’s big break and certainly did not come overnight.

He released his first EP (extended play) title November 20 in 2018, followed by A Pretty Short Life EP in 2019 and his debut album, which was ranked number one on the Apple music platform by Friday, titled Vanga last September.

“Before all this [trending online] I had a plan that I would drop music consistently just like I have been doing. This was to appease my followership which was asking for more music, but now I will have to continue releasing more music and hopefully I will be dropping a video from one of my songs off the album I released last year,” he said.

While the attention is still on him, he says, “the idea was just to build a solid brand this year and now I have a solid foundation to really do this.”

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