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Young actor shines at Grade 7


Young actor Lesley Kaitano , who made his debut appearance acting as Kelvin Abibo in a popular local television series Mawoko Matema, recently proved that he was not just good at acting after getting five units at Grade 7.

Kaitano, son of actor, Steven “Daison” Kaitano plays the role of a clever boy who tries by all means to take care of his mother and sister following his father’s death after a snake bite.

The very promising actor told Standard Style that he was excited by his academic achievement and attributed the success to good planning.

“I am very excited and so grateful that I made it and I can’t wait to get back to school,” he said.

“I plan my things and this helped me to balance acting and schooling. Acting doesn’t really occupy much of my time, it’s not all the time that we’re needed on set.”

Kaitano’s father Daison described his son as a very committed and intelligent kid.

“Despite his love for books and intelligence, I never believed he would get five units. It was a surprise,” he said.

“He is such a committed boy; to both schoolwork and acting. However, he loves books very much such that when watching films he will be holding a book. That’s how he balances both.”

Kaitano senior said was he still looking for the best school to send his son for Form 1.

Mawoko Matema director Itayi Kakuwe said Lesley was “full of surprises”.

“Lesley is full of surprises. I started working with him in 2017 and he never gave us any trouble since day one. He is very clever, quiet, reserved and mature than his age. Given a script he doesn’t just look at it, rather he spices up his act,” he said.

Mawoko Matema was his first television project. I groomed him and the experience was so wonderful since he was co-operative and he grasped a lot of concepts very fast.

“Right now we are working on series called Justice and he will be teaching his age mates that deviance doesn’t pay. This is a series.”

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