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Mthawonga promises to produce more healing music during Covid-19 era


Emerging gospel musician Innocent Mthawonga has promised to release more gospel music to counter misconceptions and fear during the Covid-19 pandemic era and as a build-up to his third album slated for release in August.

Mthawonga, who is still ecstatic after recently bagging the Zim Community News’ award for Best Contemporary Gospel Song, has described the feat as a sign that his musical journey is taking the right direction.

In an interview with Standard Style, Mthawonga said he is on a mission to work on more projects because gospel music serves a major purpose, particularly in the era of uncertainties related to the pandemic.

“Gospel music plays a big role in everyone’s life because it gives hope especially to the affected ones, who will be in quarantine.

“When people listen to gospel music, their souls will be lifted and they end up praying to God for the pandemic to pass,” he said.

With a career that professionally started in 2016 despite a keen interest since school days, the Innocent Souls group frontman currently boasts of two albums that have done well in local music circles and airwaves.

“I thank God because both albums were accepted by many people, which made me feel confident as an upcoming artiste.

“My wish now that I am aiming higher, is to have some collaborations with different artistes no matter what genre, as long the music is gospel,” he said.

The 47-year-old, who has to juggle between work as a truck driver and musical compositions, said his music pursues themes of love while some songs are inspired by what he sees while travelling as part of his job.

“I get enough time to write my songs during work. I normally travel with my guitar, but it is on my annual leave days that I get all the time to rehearse as well as visit the studio,” he said.

“My music encourages love among all people because that is God’s first commandment and without love we cannot successfully go forward.

“Also, my job has inspired me to come up with songs like the one titled Life Haina Shortcut on my second album. I wrote it after seeing what happens in the lives of some of drivers.”

Despite failing to work on a DVD project owing to the country’s pandemic regulations, Mthawonga is upbeat about his yet-to-be-released projects.

“I released my last project in 2019. The upcoming one will be a six-track album, which I think will be a good project because I started working on it last year.  I have taken so long to complete  it because I want to take my time and by God’s grace I hope by August I will release it,” he said.

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