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New Soul Jah Love album on the cards


A NEW album by Soul Jah Love titled Excuse Me is expected to be released post-humously early next month, according to an artiste who is featured on the project.

Tinashe Dimingo (aka T-Flexx) told Standard Style that he had been in the studio with Soul Jah Love putting together an album, which also features Uncle Epatan. Though finished, it is yet to be mastered before possible release in March.

Soul Jah Love — whose star glow dazzled for some time, but had its brightness fading some period during his turbulent career— was in the process of picking up the pieces to revive it.

To this effect, he engaged DTK for the production that’s in the works, but it will, however, be released in his absence following his death due to diabetes.

“We were in the studio prior to his being taken ill and l did two songs with him while on the third, we featured Uncle Epatan. He was very jovial all the time we went through the recording process and there was never a hint to us that he would soon be gone and never live to see the project hit the market,” said T-Flexx.

“There are many things l learnt from him during that short stint, especially the fact that it’s important for an artiste to stand up for his rights, particularly when it involves the issue of contracts.”

In many instances, Chigunduru, as Soul Jah Love was sometimes known, was at loggerheads with promoters for failing to fulfil contracts and some even had to drive from far-away places to ensure they had him by the hand to play at their venues.

The new release adds to a long list of hits churned out by the late seasoned Zimdancehall artiste whose other works include Simudza Gumbo, Pamamonya Ipapo, Dai Hupenyu Hwaitengwa, Go Back to Sender, 442 Formation and Ndiri Zvinhu, among numerous others.

T-Flexx said it was befitting to hold an annual memorial gig for the “King of Zim Dancehall Music”.

Music producer, manager and promoter Boss Tate and Scadda T also expressed immense grief and a sense of loss on the passing-on of Jah Love.

Boss Tate said the late artiste had a gift of coining statements that made an impact even to the aged. “Imagine my old mother out in the rural home saying to me, “Chibaba, kuno handisisina shuga!” Such statements appealed to the young and the old.

“Let’s not waste time, for instance, harping on a marriage (to Bounty Lisa) that could not withstand the test of time, but look at the good he did. Chibaba contributed to the well-being of music and musicians in this country and he had a lot of respect for the leadership,” he said.

Scadda T described him as a humorous character and someone, who was never ashamed of who he was and what he did.

“When Squanda called me to break the news, it took me just two hours to come up with a tribute to a gallant son of Zim dancehall music,” said Scadda.

Meanwhile, award-winning Chitungwiza MC, Macdonald Mutisi, aka MC Mashasha, has also paid tribute to the late Musaka for his exemplary role in uplifting upcoming artistes.

MC Mashasha, a director of the Afro Dynasty Sounds and a recipient of two Zimdancehall awards, showered SJL with lots of praises for making many-a-ghetto youths what they are today.

“Sauro was a typical big brother to some of us. Nekufa kwake tashota. Personally, l shared the stage with him on many ocassions which included album launches and birthday bashes. He carried the big brother tag responsibly. He deserves hero status,” he said.

Childhood friend Disqord of Mafriq fame has meanwhile produced a song in honour of Jah Love.

Titled Tarwadziwa, the soulful composition contains the lyrics, “Rufu ndimadzongonyedze; nerimwe zuva tichaonana; titi kuchema mambo wemangoma; tiri kuchema Mhofu yemukono”.

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