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Soul Jah Love laid to rest


Remains of the late superstar Zimdancehall chanter Soul Jah Love, born Soul Musaka, were interred next to his father Ephraim Ticharwa’s grave at Warren Hills Cemetery, yesterday.

Chaotic scenes and jubilation, among other features of fanfare, characterised the public side of the cemetery where the 31-year-old was laid to rest.

The place became a logistical nightmare for law enforcers as hundreds of fans joined family, friends and state dignitaries in breach of Covid-19 regulations.

As his body lied in a brown and white casket, Sauro proved popular with youths across the board in death as he was in life.

A man controversial for hedonistic living, lyrical prowess and an outspoken character, Soul Jah Love was a true ghetto hero all the way to his grave.

Before Soul Jah Love breathed his last on Tuesday night at a local hospital, he left a message, tantamount to a suicide note.

In a song titled Ndichafa Rinhi released by Sunshine Studios on Friday, Sauro gives telling details of how he grew weary of living.

A man, who had fought and out-paced his ghost ever so often, appeared to have finally settled as he mentioned that he would rather rest and was prepared for it.

To some it may sound like classic Soul Jah Love, but a question lingers on how a man so famous like Sauro, a talented chap surrounded by dozens of people that looked up to him, felt so lonely.

Why did he remain tight-lipped about his problems when it mattered the most?

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