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Kapfupi Yut walks in father’s footsteps


An old saying that the apple does not fall far from the tree could not be more apt when describing the rise of Clive Manjalima, aka Kapfupi Yut, the son of revered comedian-cum-musician Freddy, who is popularly known as Kapfupi.

The 21-year-old, born and raised in Epworth, his music has been attracting massive attention online with music lovers attesting that he could be able to create a name for himself in the tough music circuit.

In an interview, the dreadlocked Zimdancehall chanter explained how he got motivated to sing when his father often gave him the microphone to perform on stage when he was only in the fifth grade.

“I started singing at a very young age, but back then my parents thought it was not serious and I remember getting a short time to perform during my father’s sets  but it was all for fun,” said Kapfupi Yut, who would go on to pursue music seriously when he was aged 16.

“In 2017, after my form four studies, I started to pursue music seriously and that is when my parents saw that I was dedicated as well as talented. Since then, they have been supporting my work.”

He maintains that his award-winning and multi-talented father’s antics on stage and on the small screen, coupled with his mother’s supportive acting, dancing and singing roles, awakened the creativity in him.

“I am definitely following in my father’s footsteps. I loved his work since my younger age and the advice that he has given me is that if I remained focused and work hard, then I will achieve great things in this industry,” said Kapfupi Yut.

Last year, the Ka Step singer got signed under Dr Bond Entertainment and is convinced the music stable will propel him to dizzy heights.

“I met Dr Bond Entertainment last year and so far our journey has been great and I believe that this is the team that could help me launch an impactful career because they are motivated to help me climb up the ladder,” he said.

When asked about his inspiration Kapfupi Yut does not mince his words in mentioning his father although he would also want to follow in dancehall star Winky D’s footsteps.

“In life, people encounter a lot of things and through those varied situations, I draw my lyrical inspiration but when it comes to how I want my career to go, I look up to my father, his achievements and would also love to get to Winky D’s level as well,” he said.

“I know I will be as great as my father has been because I have been learning how he does his work all my life and I am ready to do the same.”

Kapfupi Yut pledged to release a singles collection or album in the coming month as a follow-up to his debut Extended Play (EP) titled Bho Ndakadaro.

“I hope that music lovers are ready for what I am about to bring because it will be purely good music,” said Kapfupi Yut.

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