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The day Ngwena danced to the ‘wrong’ song



ear my people

When Baba said he did not see anyone good enough to replace him, you all cynically thought he was using that to hold on to power.

How are things going with Ngwena now? Kkk!

The man has gone on to declare President’s Special National Day of Thanksgiving, whatever that is.

The day is said to be dedicated to thanksgiving to God and prayer as the nation acknowledges the almighty God’s intervention, which has seen the country’s fortunes take an undeniable turn for the better.

There is definitely one Zimbabwe for Ngwena and his family and another for the rest of us, who have to grapple with the worsening economic and social situation.

Besides Ngwena and his family, I doubt there is anyone who can say their lives have improved since 2017, when Ngwena took power forcibly.

A few years ago, Ngwena came up with another no-so-brilliant idea of having the first Friday of the month designated as national clean-up day.

That campaign has long lost steam and has been forgotten, so Ngwena decides to come up with his latest red herring, the President’s Special National Day of Thanksgiving.

If he thinks that this will make Zimbabweans forget their misery then he should know that it will not work, simple!

While at it, can they just turn the State House into a church because I have lost count of the number of religious gatherings there.

The Herald’s Page 2 girl has literally turned the State House staff into her praise and worship choir, as she hosts one church function after another.

Now it’s Ngwena’s turn to have his church gatherings.

What became of the anti-sanctions prayer, by the way? It seems God hasn’t responded or isn’t listening to those prayers.

The circus moved to Victoria Falls last week, as Ngwena went to launch the second phase of the Covid-19 vaccination drive.

At the airport, he tried a little shimmy here and there. I will leave you to judge for yourself his dancing skills or lack thereof.

Without a hint of irony, Ngwena was dancing to song about River people who cross the Limpopo into South Africa in search of greener pastures.

He looked happy and was enjoying a song, which is actually a protest song decrying the lack of opportunities in Zimbabwe.

If Ngwena knew what the lyrics meant, I can bet my bottom dollar he would not have danced in the manner he did. In fact, that group would be in jail for bringing the office of the president into disrepute or whatever statute that this lot can dream of.

Speaking of Victoria Falls, may anyone please explain to me what Linda Masarira was doing at that function.

We were made to believe that jaunt was for Polad members, she isn’t one.

She is not a Member of Parliament and neither is her outfit (calling it a political party would be an insult to political parties) represented in the legislature.

My question, therefore, remains; why were our tax dollars being used on Linda Masarira?

Her presence there was manifestly corrupt and insulting.

Masarira is the ultimate opportunist, who goes where the wind will take her.

Only that this government is unaccountable to anyone, but we need answers on why she was there.

Dougie’s relationship with Ngwena seems to have taken off smoothly.

If you didn’t know better, you would think that it’s a relationship that did not start today but has been going on forever, if you catch my drift, kkk.

Ngwena’s takeover of the opposition is almost complete.

With by-elections banned and the recalls of MDC Alliance in full swing, Zimbabwe is now a one-party state.

You might not want to admit it, but in terms of democracy, the economy and everything else, Zimbabwe has gone backwards since 2017.

In fact, Zimbabwe has been rated as one of the saddest countries in the world, that is how bad Ngwena and his lot have been governing.

It’s only that I am still mourning Baba.

If it wasn’t for that, I would have long joined the political scene to finish what we started with Zimbabwe’s only statesman.

Our favourite psychiatric nurse was in the news in the past week for allegedly grabbing a farm and evicting as many as 70 families.

Some stories allege he brandished a gun and ordered the families off the farm.

You see Nick, one day you are the cock of the walk and the next you are a feather duster.

We are told that Nick has a British citizenship and his family still resides on that cold and tiny island with small houses.

I want to tell Nick a little story about Shamima Begum, a denaturalised British born woman who left the UK aged 15 to join ISIS.

When she tried to return to the United Kingdom, her passport was revoked and with the government saying she would never be allowed to return.

This is the fate of people like Nick, who because the sun is shining for him now, disregards every tenet of being humane, forgetting that one day there shall be rainy day.

He must ask Jonso, Dread Patrick, Mandi Chimene and Tyson kkk.

I honestly could lead a campaign calling for the revocation of Nick’s British citizenship – if he has one – but I am still on the sanctions list.


Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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