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UMM studio to diversify ghetto sound


Ghettos have for long been known for their abundant music talents despite most of it failing to break into the limelight because of lack exposure, and that is a gap that Ultra-Modern Media (UMM) is ready to bridge.

Located in Harare’s Mufakose suburb, UMM opened its door at the beginning of the year in a bid to give different voices a chance to make their names in the cutthroat music industry.

In an interview with the Standard Style, the studio’s co-founder Peter Muberekwa said they were on a mission to popularise young talent in and around the city by incorporating different sounds.

“Our main aim is to promote local talent and giving the youths exposure because we believe that everyone has a special talent and with the right ingredients they can make it big,” said Muberekwa.

“We have decided not to confine ourselves to one genre but rather have focus on many genres including Afro pop, traditional, Zimdancehall, Zim Hip Hop, Reggae, Soul music, RnB among many others because diversity stands as one of our major strengths.”

With Sylvester Marimo as the resident producer, UMM is currently working with artistes including Tinashe Mubonderi aka Ambizi Wembira, Star6B1 real name Benoit Mpinda, Malvern Makavele and Tonderai PlanBe.

“Just by looking at the type of music that all our upcoming artistes are pursuing, one can tell that we have opened a space where all voices can get a chance to thrive,” Muberekwa said.

He added that their goal was to champion crossover sounds that are purely local and of high quality that can spur local names to a global stage.

“Our hope is that with every production we can create something special that can appeal to an international ear and with this pure talent we know will get there,” Muberekwa said.

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