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Covid-19 not yet over


Many people continue to lose their precious lives to Covid-19 as the daily cases continue to rise.

On Thursday April 1 2021, 700 678 new cases were recorded globally with at least 11 688 deaths being recorded. Europe is in a quandary with countries like Poland, France and Italy being in trouble with the third wave.

Brazil is threatening to displace the United States of America from the top of the mortality table as daily deaths are now nearing 4 000. This is unfortunate and if Brazilians continue ignoring public health measures which have been accepted globally, then the war against Covid-19 is far from over.

Our dear country has recorded at least 36 896 cases and about 1 523 deaths so far. Everyone remembers the sporadic attacks of December 2020 that extended into January 2021. It was a real calamity that taught everyone some health lessons that will never be forgotten.

In September 2020, the world started to notice rising cases of Covid-19 after a sudden drop around August of the same year.

It was the beginning of the catastrophic and monstrous second wave then in Europe. In the midst of social chilling, Zimbabwe was hit by the second wave in December.

The country was caught unaware and about 30% of patients progressed to respiratory distress syndrome and many of them required oxygen. There was resultant pressure on hospital beds as demand for special care went up.

No one wants to imagine the horrendous events of the second wave, hence the need to try by all means to run away from the threatening third wave. The third wave is heavily threatening with incessant knocks on our door. Can we allow our enemies to enter our closed doors yet we know how destructive the enemy is?

The third wave is around us, but we can reduce the effects of the dreaded wave by starting to take appropriate action now.

Complacency, defiance and incredulity are all factors that ought to be fought with vigour.

It is thus imperative for all of us to abide by the set regulations or restrictions if we are to win the war against the impending third wave.

What is baffling and astounding is that there seems to be Covid-19 fatigue among the populace. My advice today is that all of us should be vigilant as we trot towards the road of life otherwise Covid-19 will hit us heavily in no time.

Many people, especially in the high-density suburbs, are ignoring public health measures, with the wearing of masks being taboo for many. As the plane prepares to take off, we ought to tighten all available belts. The following are some of the important measures that remain very important in the war against Covid-19:

n Vaccination should be valued by everyone who desires to remain safer during these years of the Covid-19 scourge. So many myths and conspiracy theories have circulated worldwide with some prophets equating the vaccines to the mark of the beast which Apostle John wrote of in the Book of Revelation.

The truth is that vaccines are protective and have been quite effective for monstrous diseases like measles, polio, rotavirus, meningococcus and tuberculosis.

The 1957/58 H2N2 Asian flu pandemic was extinguished by the introduction of a vaccine which was made within just four months of the outbreak.

In 1968, there was the Hong Kong flu which terrorised the world and within 16 months, had killed almost 2 million people.

A vaccine was introduced and success stories have been told until today. So do not forget to take your Covid-19 jab as it is of great importance.

n Strict observance of public health measures — Public health measures are very important and failure to observe them can be very calamitous to the nation at large.

Lessons should be learnt from countries like the USA, Brazil and Italy where some sections of society even demonstrated against the banning of public gatherings, wearing of masks, social distancing, etcetera. Demonstrating for the sake of fighting for human rights at the expense of national health is not only sadistic, but an act of national health sabotage. Wherever you are today, make sure you are safe with masks and social distancing. Masks are not there to evade police arrests, but are there to protect you and me.

n Get the correct informative information — Get the correct information that will help you. People tend to ignore symptoms of Covid-19 infections and this has contributed to numerous deaths as delays have often resulted in serious complications. Please make sure you are safe as we prepare for war against the third wave.

Keep yourself safe. Be suspicious of Covid-19 if you have corresponding signs and symptoms. All of us are at risk, but it needs your heart to save others.

  • Dr Johannes Marisa is a medical practitioner who can be accessed at doctormarisa@gmail.com

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