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Megafest Awards seek to stimulate business growth

The Megafest Awards seek to recognise and reward the courage, leadership and creativity of Zimbabwe’s most brilliant businesspeople who play a critical role in raising the profile of professionals in business.

According to Megafest chief executive officer Tafadzwa Matsika, the awards aim to stimulate and develop Zimbabwean business leaders.

He recently challenged Zimbabwean captains of industry and public sector enterprises to come up with homegrown business solutions that will boost productivity and the country’s economic turnaround.

Matsika said the Megafest Awards go beyond merely recognising success. He emphasised the importance of acknowledging several qualities such as ability, struggle, effort and excellence when laureates are honoured.

“There are thousands of businesses and there are people doing the most amazing work in towns and villages we’ve not heard of. We come to know of them when they win an award,” said Matsika.

Megafest adjudication criteria:

Consumer feedback is the genesis of the selection process. Once nominated by local consumers, an adjudication panel undertakes an extensive background research on the company.

Consideration is placed on factors such as customer service delivery, contribution to the society and economy, leadership excellence and professionalism, business performance and company’s track record in satisfying client needs and standing behind its work.

Why Megafest Awards are important for your business

The performance of entrepreneurs and top companies plays a pivotal role in global growth and mobility for the Zimbabwean economy.

Companies continue to face increasing challenges due to the growth of global competition. In pursuit of consistent improvement, awards celebrate those who have achieved remarkable results in their tough industries.

Awards offer your company a different perspective in terms of looking through the glass of your competitors and how you can possibly stand out from the crowd.

Awards have different categories and choosing a category will highlight the aptitude of your business and will provide immense benefits to your organisation and enhance your credibility as a business.

  1. Network with top-level businesses and thought leaders
  2. Increase team morale
  3. Gain the recognition you deserve
  4. Increase your market share and profitability
  5. Generate PR coverage and brand recognition.


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