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Kutyauripo finally releases fourth album


GOSPEL musician Prosper Kutyauripo has released his long-awaited fourth album titled Nguva YaMwari, whose recording was affected by the Covid-19 lockdown periods.

Lockdown regulations forced Kutyauripo to cancel recording and released  three tracks — Emanueri, MuSamaria Akanaka, and Mweya Wangu — off the album initially titled MuSamaria Akanaka.

But Kutyauripo is excited that he eventually managed to release Nguva YaMwari, a mixed bag of different genres such as Afro-jazz, rumba and sungura

“I am very excited that finally the album is out. It was not an easy journey, but I have finally made it,” Kutyauripo told Standard Style.

“It gave me a lesson that ‘in life never give up.’ I am encouraging those who had backslide due to Covid-19 to go back to the drawing board and see how they can succeed against the odds.

“The title track inspires hope to the nation. Let’s find a way to manage in the presence of Covid-19 because it’s the new normal.

“We have tried so many things on our own but God has the solution and in the fullness of time all shall be well.”

The Christ Believers band leader said he was impressed by the way the tracks he released last year were welcomed.

“I was very impressed by the reception given to the tracks that I initially released. All of them are doing very well on radio,” he said.

Emanueri is competing with some great tracks on chat shows. That’s what also motivated me to strive to finish recording the whole album adding six more songs instead of three which we had planned to.”

In MuSamaria Akanaka, Kutyauripo condemns clergymen that value money more than the well-being of their followers.

“Where is the Good Samaritan of today? We are all Christians, but do we still know our role in society?” he asked.

“I have a feeling the church has lost its mandate and the leaders have lost influence.

“As an evangelist, I feel bad to remain silent while shepherds are misleading the sheep.

“I believe that l should address those in influential positions so that they reposition the church to its foundation.”

Other tracks on the album are Vanoda Musoro Wangu, Mandirangarira, One on One, Komborera Vafundisi, as well as Mubvunzo.

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