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Chivaviro launches website


Renowned gospel musician Reverend Togarepi Chivaviro has launched a website to promote his music brand through selling branded T-shirts, caps, hoodies and mugs.

Some of the apparels on the website are branded Glory Be Unto Jesus, Tenda Mwari and Kana Wakayambuka.

Speaking to Standard Style last week, Chivaviro said exposure made him discover that being an artiste is more of work.

“This is just about branding. Out of exposure we are having here, I realised that being an artiste is just more than the music,” he said.

“Because music needs support we are using online platforms to merchandise and market our stuff.

“We came up with a marketing team to generate more revenue to keep on releasing new music and videos.

“The other way to generate this revenue is by merchandising the brand and the products.”

Chivaviro said his fans embraced the idea and many of the people visiting the site are in the Diaspora.

“Our fans welcomed this idea because it gives them access to their preferences,” he said.

“They want to be identified with a particular brand. Now they don’t have to wait until we do shows to have apparels and regalia.

“They can get it online, anytime wherever they will be.

“Most of the clients are people in Zimbabwe and South Africa. They can easily access our products because we have offices in these countries.

“Outside these countries, we don’t have physical presence. So many people that are using the website are outside these countries.”

He said plans to sell music on the website were underway.

“In the long run, we are also planning to bring music on the platform. There are processes that we are following,” Chivaviro said.

“We need to agree on certain terms and conditions with international companies we have distribution contracts with.

“We already have our music on online platforms. Over 53 online music stores have our music.”

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