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How to write an essay in a few hours

As a student, you might be often told to manage your time properly to finish all your assignments and projects on time. However, this becomes more and more challenging with the increasing amount of school work given to you. Moreover, you have to deal with other responsibilities you have with your family, organization, or friends. Considering all these factors, you might not have the luxury to sit down for a long time and do your essay.

To shorten the period of doing your writing task, you can look for different ways to work efficiently. You can always ask the professionals offering custom writing services to “write an essay for me in 3 hours”. Their experience and expertise in the field enable them to produce output in a short period. But if you cannot afford to hire someone, you can make your paper on your own. In this article, you will read tips and strategies to finish your essay in a few hours. 

Understand The Topic

Before drafting anything, you must understand the task given to you in the first place. Many students often receive low remarks and negative comments on not following instructions or not meeting the expected outputs. This is because they did not thoroughly read and comprehend the guidelines set by the teacher. Also, they probably did not understand and research well on their topics.

Therefore, it would be best to set some time to read the instructions first. Teachers typically give the students detailed instructions about the activity, the list of accepted topics, and the scoring rubric. They are meant to help you make an output that meets your teacher’s criteria. But even after reading them, you might not understand some points. In this case, it would help to ask your teacher, not your classmates, your questions. They can clarify some things for you that will enable you to finish your essay quickly because you do not have to rack your brain. You can also ask them about the topics if you are not familiar with them.

Focus Your Research

When you finally understand your task, you must narrow down your choices of topics into one. If you do not have a specific one yet, you can browse for lists of prompts in each area or field. This way, you can have focused research. Once you find something interesting, search for the related resources that you can use as references in your paper.

You must have sufficient materials before deciding your topic because they will determine your thesis statement. If you do not have enough references to back up your claim, you will not prove your point well. So, it is crucial to check available and credible resources first before drafting. It would be best to use Google Scholar or browse scholarly papers and journal articles on reputable websites, like Elsevier or JSTOR. By using them, you can be confident that your resources are credible to support your claim.

Decide Your Thesis

After you decide on a topic, your next step is to formulate a clear and specific thesis statement. It reflects your stand on an issue related to the topic, backed with at least three main points. Besides showing the paper’s main idea, it is also meant to set the direction of your analysis or argumentation. Because each essay type is different from another, you must develop a thesis statement appropriate to the writing task.

As mentioned previously, your thesis must be based on the materials you have gathered. This way, you already have references as you draft your paper. Lastly, it must not be factual but arguable, which means that some may agree or disagree with your claim.

Make a Quick, Rough Outline of Your Essay

Some students tend to neglect outlining before drafting. They think that it would be a waste of time to do this instead of drafting right away. However, it is one of the ways to write a good essay fast. By doing this, you will save yourself from mindless wandering of what to write next. Furthermore, your thoughts and analysis will be coherent, thus making your work organized in the end. You will also know where to input your citations.

There are different kinds of outlines, but it would be best to use them on the standard outline. It applies to almost any type of essay. So if you already know how to use this, you can do it for most essay types. The outline will be divided into three major parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. Each part has specific content, so make sure that you will fill the outline accordingly. To use this effectively, you have to refer to your final thesis statement.

 Start To Write

In doing any activity, starting might be the most challenging thing to do. Many factors like environment or lack of interest may distract you from being productive. But know that every tip you have learned on how to write an essay in 3 hours will be pointless if you do not start. Yes, it might be challenging, but you must condition yourself and set your work environment to progress.

In the introduction, you have to think of a “hook”or attention-getter that will capture the interest of your readers. It is to be followed by a few background information about the topic. In the last sentence of the first paragraph, you will introduce your thesis statement.

Then, the body paragraphs will be written based on the outline you have made so that you will still be guided. While doing this part, you must use transitional devices for a smoother flow of ideas. Also, do not forget to cite your sources properly so that you will not commit plagiarism.

For the conclusion, you can rephrase your thesis statement and summarize the main points you presented. You can end it with a thought-provoking question or challenge to keep your readers engaged until the end.

Edit and Proofread

Writing an essay fast might be your primary goal, but this does not mean you will exclude proofreading and editing your work. These post-writing steps are crucial in the process because it allows you to revise your work if necessary. You can read your work to check if your sentences are cohesive. This is also a great time to spot some spelling and grammatical errors you have made. If you find it challenging to do, you can use grammar checkers on your word processing software or online. Finally, you must not forget to run your paper into plagiarism checker free. This way, you can ensure that your work does not contain plagiarized content.

In conclusion, you can finish your writing task in a few hours if you are determined. You can also strategize the entire process by understanding the topic first and researching well. The previous steps will help you develop a specific thesis statement and organized outline. Moreover, it would help if you focused your attention on writing but not forgetting to edit your work afterward. Indeed, you are responsible for completing your project before the deadline, so get started right away.

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