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Dr Amai: The charlatans have been exposed

My Dear People,

COVID-19 has brought the worst out of us, but the most affected are profits kkk, I mean prophets, who have been forced to do U-turns and somersaults after saying the most ridiculous things in the past.

Uebert Angel tried to issue a statement last week trying to explain his position, but he kept tripping over his words.

Earlier this year, he told his followers: “should you receive the vaccine? absolutely no”.

I doubt that there is any statement more emphatic than this.

So it is a bit embarrassing that Angel’s principal Ngwena is calling for vaccination yet the profit — oops prophet — is opposed to it.

So now, what’s the most logical thing to do? Retract the anti-vaxxer nonsense and move on, right?

Not for Angel, he tried to spin it, but only made it worse.

A statement from Angel’s employees at the ambassador-at-large’s offices said the preacher “remains opposed to (new tech) mRNA type vaccines.

“In Zimbabwe this is NOT the case & GOVT has approved traditional vaccines (RNA). He urges everyone to adhere to GOVT recommendations.”

My dear people, as a PhD holder, I know a thing or two. There is nothing like a “traditional RNA” vaccine, kkk.

An RNA and an mRNA are actually the same thing. Angel should have researched or contacted me before saying nonsense, kkk.

I think what he meant was that the government-approved Chinese vaccines are the more traditional ones as they use a weakened or deactivated form of the pathogen that causes Covid-19 to trigger protective immunity to it.

Not this “new tech” gibberish. For the record, research on the use of mRNA has been around for decades, I hope this helps the “profit”.

By the way, I saw Ngwena receive a diplomat from Qatar last week.

That made me think: who did Uebert Angel present his credentials to, as ambassador-at-large? Kkk.

Then there is his pal, Emmanuel Makandiwa, who also told his followers not to get the vaccine.

Last week, he did a somersault and advised his supporters to get the vaccine. I have no idea what triggered this change of heart.

More than Makandiwa’s somersault, what intrigued me was that the two chaps that pretend to interview him just nod their heads uncritically when he makes these strange pronouncements.

When he advised his people not to take the vaccine, the two chaps simultaneously nodded their heads and agreed with their papa.

When he changed his mind, the two chaps only nodded approvingly and not a question was asked.

I almost said they should reach out to Rrrrreuben Barwe for the art of asking questions, then I quickly snapped out of that and remembered that nobody can be worse than that old relic at ZBC.

He once shoved a microphone in Baba’s face and said: “The British.”

I mean, is that even a question?

Baba rightly put him in his place and said: “What about them?”

The people that we call veteran journalists!! kkkk.

Oh, back to the profits — prophets, my expensive iPhone keeps doing autocorrect.

I have seen videos of Passion Java at his sermons pretending to be speaking in tongues.

Are those videos real or someone with a lot of time on their hands is manipulating them?

Surely, saying random Shona words cannot be said to be tongues. Words like mbambaira.

Dear me, these people will make me want to quit church, because there is no way I can go to a church where someone says such gibberish and he has people believing that he is speaking in tongues.

I am sorry my people that it seems I am attacking men of cloth, on a Sunday even, but there is no way we should allow such people to keep on saying their stuff unchallenged.

There is also that one, from these white garment churches, who says he went with Jesus to England and Scotland, where they saw the Queen, among some other incoherent messages.

What really bothered me is that his congregants were clapping for him, when the most humane thing would have been to turn off the microphone and allow the old man to rest.

Failure to ask critical questions is the reason why Zanu PF has been able to rule for so long.

This is because, as Zimbabweans, we allow our leaders to say anything and we unquestioningly accept their words as Bible truth.

We’ve got to be more discerning as a people and not just accept

After this, brickbats are coming for me from the “touch not the anointed” brigade, but who cares, some things have to be said.

I wonder what the papas have in store for us this week. kkkk.

Polad: Reaping time

Did you all see the spectacle at State House on Friday?

Ngwena’s people summoned photographers from the Horrid and other Zanu PF-aligned media houses to witness him handing over a car to Mr Bin aka Cde Commissar.

The car will purportedly be used for Polad activities.

This happened just a few days after respected pollsters Afrobarometer released results of their survey show that only 28% of Zimbabweans approve of the Polad charade.

It still baffles me why you chose to chase away Baba and replace him with such people.


Stop it !!

Dr Amai. PhD (Fake)

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