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Directors must lead by example during battle against Covid-19


THE severity of the pandemic is now a known factor as it continues to ravage lives and the economy.

We are living in difficult times.

We have lost loved ones in families, at work and in our communities.

To contain this, it is apparently everyone’s responsibility including the corporate world.

Directors, as corporate stewards, have a responsibility to ensure worker safety, protection and preservation of lives, and as leaders, they need to step up, to rise to the challenge and provide leadership.

The Institute of Directors commends the government on the vaccination roll out which has seen Victoria Falls achieving head immunity with more than 60% vaccinated.

This is a positive move to contain and hopefully eliminate the spread of the Covid-19 virus in Zimbabwe.

England is known to have fully vaccinated more than 56% of its population and has since opened up its economy as it is an acceptable fact that vaccination is the solution.

Accordingly, directors as leaders, are urged to lead by example by complying with World Health Organisation Covid-19 protocols, enforcing the implementation within their organisations through clear policies that reduce anxiety and uncertainty to employees.

Further, total support for the government mass vaccination initiative drive, will contain the pandemic as the solution is known to be in vaccination.

Social media has proved to be effective for information dissemination with the unfortunate reality being that it is indiscriminate of truth and foals, hence, directors by virtue of their positions, are role models, expected to lead in terms of vaccination, masking, sanitising, washing hands with soap under running water and keeping social distance.

Wherever they are, leaders are under spotlight in terms of compliance and instituating a culture of compliance, at home, as charity begins at home, at workplaces and in communities. Directors’ stance on Covid-19 should be unequivocal and that would go a long way towards saving lives.

Profit without conscience is meaningless and goes against the Tripple Ps and ESG principles.

Directors are obliged to save lives, as our homes, communities and country are what they are because of the people there, who are vital for the businesses and economy to thrive.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is on record reminding us to do everything possible to save human life because once lost, it is irreplaceable.

Our human resources are vital for the development and growth of industry and commerce.

As such, looking after ourselves, our families and human capital at home, our work places and in the communities around us becomes our obligation as leaders for nations are made up of people.

Guided by Corporate Governance Principles, we keep encouraging continued transparency and disclosure, exercise of fiduciary duties by all in dealing with the pandemic.

We continue paying tribute to the healthcare professionals and essential service providers and assure them of our moral support as they help fight this global pandemic.

Concerted efforts will yield the desired results.

Together we can make a huge contribution for the sustainability of our beloved country Zimbabwe.

  • Juru is the chairman of the Institute of Directors Zimbabwe


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