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Vineyard seeks to regain lost markets


VINEYARD Funeral Assurance Company has launched a plan to regain lost markets, with a campaign inviting clients with lapsed policies to reactivate their accounts under relaxed conditions.

Zimbabwe’s fastest growing funeral assurance services brand said it had found it difficult to abandon its partners after being affected by problems such as Covid-19 induced hardships, which are normally passing phases.

Vineyard managing director, Solomon Chikanda said management had decided to run a month long promotion starting from August 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021 to give clients an opportunity to link up again, revive their policies and continue from where they left off.

“There won’t be need to start afresh,” Chikanda said.

He said the promotion would reduce the returning clients’ waiting period to one month if they choose to pay for six months in advance.

The normal waiting period is three months for the policyholder and immediate family members, and six months for dependants, Chikanda said.

He said policyholders joining for the first time would also benefit from the August promotion window, with an opportunity to wait for only one month if they pay for six months in advance.

“The common adage says, good friends care for each other, close friends understand each other, but true friend stay forever, beyond worse, beyond distance, beyond time,” Chikanda said.

“True to this, Vineyard’s motto is Shamwari parwendo and as a trusted friend who cares and understands, we are giving all our clients with lapsed policies an opportunity to rekindle their relationship with Vineyard so that we move together in this planned life journey.”

“If they pay for six months in advance, policy waiting period automatically reduces to one month for the policy holder and his immediate family, and three months for dependants.

“Promotion is also open to new members joining during this period. If they pay their six months in advance, waiting period automatically reduces likewise.”

Policies lapse when clients default on payments for various reasons including job losses and the death of principal member or policyholder.

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