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Zambia is giving Lacoste sleepless nights


My Dear People,

They are shaken. They are rattled. They have no idea how to respond.

The Zambia election really shocked these people and they are still to find a coherent response to that election.

Ngwena and his people were convinced and comfortable that Edgar Lungu was on his way to a third term.

They ostracised the HH, whom Joji described as a sellout. I will return to Joji in a bit.

Ndavaningi was at his incoherent best when he was trying to tell us the country’s position on Zambia.

For a while, the response was mute until it was inevitable that they had to say something.

You see, HH is close to the Zimbabwean opposition, whereas Ngwena and Lungu had forged a relationship.

Lungu has a rich history of building infrastructure in Zambia, like building roads and bridges and there was no way he was going to lose, Zanu PF thought.

They have also been busy rehabilitating roads thinking it’s a sure proof way to avoid losing at the elections.

So Lungu’s loss really shocked them.

This is why Ngwena threw all diplomatic etiquette aside to tell us that what happened in Zambia will not happen in Zimbabwe.

This shows the level of panic  that is in that party.

There was no need for Ngwena to even comment on that, he could have just ignored it, but he is rattled and it is showing.

He also told us that he is the one, who convinced Lungu to accept defeat.

I am not going to comment on that one because I might get arrested, but I have my doubts, kkk.

Let me deal with Joji very quickly, in the same manner that I dressed him down at that rally when I was still powerful, kkk.

You see, I doubt that man has anything to do. That’s why he spends his days being insufferable on social media.

Joji was “promoted” upstairs and now he really has nothing to do.

He hankers for the days when he was a swashbuckling media czar during Baba’s reign.

Now he is styled as the presidential spokesperson. I can guarantee you that he has nothing to do.

I dare him to share his in-tray. There is nothing.

Actually, someone whispered to me that Ngwena was ready to retire him a couple of years ago, but the person, who was earmarked to replace him decided on another course when all was in place.

I bet Ngwena is also embarrassed by him, that’s why he wanted to move him on.

His statement that the army will not hand over power is quite reckless and doesn’t do Ngwena any favours.

Ngwena has been invited to the United Kingdom and such statements ahead of the event will only help cast the leader in a bad light.

Instead of realising that he had blundered, Joji instead doubled down and continued with his reckless statements.

Ngwena has to rein him in at some point, although I won’t hold my breath.

Even the cantankerous Temba Mliswa is tired of Joji’s antics.

Twin pipeline

Zimbabwe is a crime scene, I swear.

We hear that there is a new pipeline in the works and the contract to build that pipeline has been given to a company that is barely two years old.

I have nothing against young companies, but it really doesn’t make sense to give such a deal to a company that is young.

What is needed is experience.

Just a cursory glance at the company’s website shows that it uses stock images, which on its own is a massive red flag.

Questions have also been asked about the company’s address.

My people, there was the CSC deal, which was as dodgy as this one and it never took off.

We have all heard about companies such as Nkosikhona Holdings, who were supposed to be bringing in billions of dollars.

But up to now, dololo.

Then you hear them say they are serious about combating corruption. Anti-corruption drive my foot.

Child bride

I shed a few tears for Anna Machaya, a victim of child marriages, who died during childbirth.

Her story is quite tragic, but the role that her parents played in trying to cover up the case is the stuff that horror movies are made of.

How and why her parents would try to protect the man who caused the young girl’s death is something that would never make sense to me.

The government needs to vigilantly monitor these white garment churches because child marriages are prevalent there.

There are many Anna Machayas out there and they all need our protection.


Stop it !!

Dr Amai. PhD (Fake)

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