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8 Best Free & Affordable AI Content Generator Software 2021

The use of AI content generation software became one of the popular trends lately not only among content creators but also in the professional academic field where it is often used for educational and research purposes. What makes it even more inspiring is that most of these are free or have affordable features that can become helpful when you need to overcome writer’s block or come up with something truly unique for your SEO purposes.

8 Best Free & Affordable AI Content Generator Software Tools in 2021

  1. Zyro.

This is mostly used as a website builder solution that has seven amazing AI-based tools that can be used for article generation purposes and more. What makes it useful is the presence of a free blog title generator that results in unusual ideas that actually work. It also has a great feature called Heatmap and a flexible Logo maker. While logo makers focus on design and position matters, Heatmap will help website creators optimize things for SEO conversion and attract even more visitors. Finally, the AI writer feature is good when you choose a subject as this system helps you generate various creative ideas.

  1. Articoolo.

It offers a free trial and remains one of the most affordable solutions for AI content generation. It’s for those people who want to tell a story. It is a professional piece of software that uses a Natural Learning Processing engine, which simulates human writing and constantly improves itself as you input information. It has API integration tools, which may be helpful when you are working with web or mobile development. However, if you are dealing with a multilingual website or an app, consider the best translation localization service to ensure that nothing is missed. Pairing your objectives with Articoolo that handles 30 articles for only $29 per month is quite a bargain!

  1. Kafkai.

It is one of the best solutions for freelance writers who need creative ideas for article generation. It supports German and Spanish in addition to the native English interface. It offers WordPress integration and great templates at only $29 per month (100 articles included). What makes it special is that it uses a special technology called seeding. In simple terms, it needs you to Google something specific to start seeding. Click on the best article that suits you to use one of the paragraphs for AI analysis. Afterward, it starts writing from scratch based on what’s been provided.

  1. Article Builder.

It is one of the easiest solutions that rely on a world’s database that includes 70,000 text snippets composed by British, American, and Canadian marketing specialists and experts in various subjects. It fits for the creation of active links and SEO content management. It is $127 annually for unlimited use with access to a database of high-quality images.

  1. CopySmith.

It works as a Chrome extension and can be used as an AI-based copywriting tool. It supports various languages and has a 7-days free trial that makes it easy to understand whether it works for you. It is one of the most affordable solutions that also supports keyword tracking. Best for metadata creation and landing pages.

  1. WriteSonic.

It supports 24 languages and has a free trial. This tool supports things like copywriting, the creation of competitive web content, blog articles, email messages, and more. It is only $9.99 per month, yet it offers one of the best algorithms for the creation of complete blog or website articles without limitations.

  1. WordAI.

An innovative tool for content rewriting or those cases when you have to refresh things a little bit. It also has automatic language translation features, which may be helpful for the translation of menus or those basic writing tasks. What makes this software unique is that it offers various constructions that help keep your content original and human-like.

  1. Topic SEO Article Generator.

It is mostly an SEO tool that checks your content against Google’s requirements and helps you reduce things like repetition or readability issues. It offers suggestions and improves your text drafts by looking up great topic or subject line ideas. While it is more costly, it works closely with Google to guarantee the best results.

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