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OKEx to Amplify Operations Scale by Creating an NFTs Marketplace

Established in 2017, OKEx is a crypto exchange that provides a wide range of services to its clients including crypto trading, features trading, margin trading, and many others.

Recently, OKEx announced that it would try to further increase the scale of its operations by moving towards DeFi. The company has already developed a Decentralized Finance Hub, which OKEx says will also include a special marketplace for NFTs sales, which could potentially increase the scale of operations of the company.

OKEx made the announcement on September 2, after successfully introducing its DeFi hub along with the NFT marketplace where the clients can come, save their NFTs and sell online after paying a royalty fee set by the creators.

The hub that the company plans to create will need an OKEx multi chain wallet connection in order to be able to grant access to decentralized digital variants to be able to spread across the blockchain.

In addition, thanks to the unique dashboard feature of the crypto exchange, clients will be able to view all of their assets holistically without doing anything other than simply accessing the unique dashboard. But, this is not all.

The launch of the NFT marketplace will help clients to sell NFTs in an easier way. The company hopes to be able to encourage more consumers to take part in the NFT transactions and get more comfortable with the market.

In addition, OKEx will also help its clients to import their NFTs from other marketplaces and sell them on OKEx. Over the past few years, NFTs have become one of the most profitable as well as popular ways of income where blockchain technology is used very actively. They have also become very widely adopted by famous people around the world which made them even more popular.

Popularity of NTFs

NFTs, which stand for non-fungible tokens, are cryptographic assets on blockchain that come with unique identification codes and metadata that make them different from each other. Unlike cryptocurrencies, they cannot be traded or exchanged.

NFTs can be almost anything, and they can also represent real-world items, for example, artwork, or even real estate. Thanks to NFTs, these real-world assets can be sold, bought, and traded in a more efficient way while also being able to reduce the chances of fraudulent activity. NFTs can even be used to represent identities, property rights, and many others.

Over the past year, many influential people showed interest in NFTs, including those like Grimes, The Weekend, and many others, which has made NFTs even more popular around the world.

As of today, much of the current NFTs market revolves around collectibles such as digital artwork, sports cards, and many other things. Because of such increasing popularity in NFTs, the interest of OKEx in this market is not something that should come as a surprise.

The director of OKEx said while announcing the decision that the company is seeking to find ways to further accelerate the adoption of NFTs, because of which, the company was very excited to announce the launch of the DeFi dashboard.

Lennix Lai, the director of OKEx, also said that this dashboard will help the clients of the company to have a better view of their crypto portfolios. Over the years, NFTs have grown and evolved a lot and have become very popular and profitable revenue channels for many businesses as well as enterprises around the world.

NFTs work in a principle of a sole proprietorship, which means that their values are predetermined by the creators which gives them the ability to make deals that can involve a lot of money.

What is OKEx a great choice for trading?

OKEx is one of the leading crypto exchanges in the market and it is so for a reason. One of the main reasons for the popularity of OKEx is the fact that the company focuses a lot on the experience that its clients have during trading.

What many people do not know is that OKEx is actually one best choice for automated cryptocurrency trading. Over the years, OKEx has partnered with numerous companies in the market that develop crypto trading robots to make the trading process easier for crypto investors around the world.


Thanks to automated trading, crypto traders have the opportunity to go over huge market data in a matter of minutes. This can be very helpful for crypto traders as it allows them to identify the main market trends in a matter of minutes and make well-informed decisions.

There are plenty of tradable products offered by OKEx and the list is not limited to cryptocurrencies only, rather, it also includes futures, margin trading, perpetual swaps, and options. The exchange allows both manual and automated trading and the leverage for some of the assets can go up to 1:100, which can help traders make even higher profits in the market.

The recent announcement of the company shows that OKEx is very much interested in the future development of its services. The steps taken by the company are predicted to help it to further grow and become better known around the world.

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