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At this rate, they will rename Zimbabwe, Zupco!

My Dear People,

I wonder why these people call themselves a second republic or new dispensation because there is absolutely nothing new about their thinking.

Firstly, there is the issue of trying to entrench a Zupco monopoly — this was tried, tested and it failed.

Baba, in his infinite wisdom, dumped the idea because he saw that it was not going to work, simple.

More on that later.

One idea that Baba tried was to bring the Freedom Train.

There were fuel shortages and people couldn’t get to work.

With Jonso leading the propaganda initiative, Baba launched the train, but it was not the success that it was supposed to be and he let it die a natural death.

Now, with little or no planning, the trains are back and now have Zupco banners.

They are old, they are rickety and belong in a museum rather than on rail tracks.

Some of the coaches were probably bought by the racist Ian Smith.

Instead of coming up with innovative ideas to end traffic congestion and ease commuters’ woes, they are going back to methods that were tried and everyone knows they failed.

Then they have the guts to call themselves a new dispensation when they are resorting to old and failed tactics.

I saw a Zupco banner on a train coach and I chuckled to myself.

So, I guess we can confidently rename the National Railways of Zimbabwe to the National Railways of Zupco.

Since Air Zimbabwe is also not performing, we could rename them Air Zupco and voila all the problems are solved.

In fact, even this country is a mess, we might as well just rename it Zupco, kkk.

Some “clever” Zanu PF supporters have been arguing that even in the United Kingdom or in Germany, public transport is run by a monopoly.

What they are not telling you is that bus systems are run by councils rather than central government.

This makes them more efficient and more useful to the public rather than the bureaucratic mess that Zupco is.

You can’t have the government being responsible for running buses from Harare to Beitbridge, it just doesn’t make sense.

I have no idea why these people are so hellbent on centralising everything.

Warped reasoning

The education ministry permanent secretary is quite a piece of work, isn’t she?

What kind of a person tells teachers to borrow money so they can report for duty.

That was quite irresponsible of her, as she is supposed to be thinking of innovative ways to ensure teachers are not driven into poverty.

But her hare-brained idea will actually worsen the plight of teachers.

Baba was a teacher and he held educators in high regard.

I doubt he would have allowed any government official in his administration to be this contemptuous of teachers.

Misinforming the nation?

I literally have given up on the way this government handles its communication.

The ineptitude is quite staggering.

First, ZBC showed a clip of Ngwena literally failing to read a script on a teleprompter.

As we all know, Ngwena is not as gifted as Baba when it comes to public speaking.

Ngwena’s speech was pre-recorded, so ZBC could have easily edited it out.

Or maybe some mischievous fellow thought he should play the clip just so Zimbabweans could hear for themselves and know  what kind of leader they have.

When Ngwena announced the new lockdown measures, everyone heard as if he said the curfew was now 2am to 5.30am.

Ndavaningi immediately rushed to Twitter to tell us the new curfew hours. ZBC followed quickly, announcing the same news.

Joji then came on board, correcting both ZBC and his successor and announcing that the new curfew was actually 10pm to 5.30am.

Without even having to apply my mind, it is quite clear that a 2am to 5.30am curfew does not make sense and before Ndavaningi tweeted, he should have verified.

But then, expecting Ndavaningi to verify would literally be expecting too much from him. And we all know ZBC, kkk.

Government communication is terrible, it is so bad it should be a crime.

Then Ndavaningi decided to go for a train ride on the old Zupco trains.

He was so eager to show that the rickety coaches and the train system were working.

He tweeted that an NRZ security official told passengers that they should only disembark at platforms rather than jumping off from the train. So far so good.

The only problem is that when Ndavaningi got to his final stop, there were actually no platforms and he had to jump off the train, an experience he described as uncomfortable.

If he had any probity, he would have waited until the end of the journey to give his assessment of the trip.

But not our Ndavaningi.


Stop it !!

Dr Amai. PhD (Fake)

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