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Literacy Day celebrated


LOCAL non-governmental organisation, Marvel Act Youth Organisation of Zimbabwe MAYO on Friday commemorated International Literacy Day.

Since 1967, International Literacy Day has been celebrated annually around the world to highlight the importance of literacy for individuals, communities, and societies in order to intensify the call for more effective literacy education and combat existing issues of illiteracy among the youth and adults.

“Today is one of the most significant days for us and the global community as we celebrate the importance of reading and writing in our lives, our society, and our world. That’s why we are inviting everyone to celebrate International Literacy,” said Mayo director Abel Mavura.

“Literacy makes an impact on everyone as it develops our sense of understanding of various life situations.

“It provides us the opportunity to keep track of current events, engage in effective communication, and understand certain issues affecting our communities.”

Mavura said the Covid-19 pandemic has affected progress and quality of literacy to learners.

“We also join the call for a more humane, inclusive, and proper-funded education amidst the pandemic so that there will be no students left behind,” he said.

“This celebration is a reminder of the essential balance of literacy through digital and traditional means which is significant to continue the learning process.”

He said literacy was a vital part of one’s identity as it drives people to growth and personal development.

“With the constant relationship between the educators and learners, literacy provides enlightenment on what aspects to be enhanced to allow a continuous and a quality learning environment for everyone,” Mavura.

He said the commemorations were a reminder of the essential balance of literacy through digital and traditional means which is significant to continuing the learning process.

“This can also serve as a platform in highlighting that quality education is a right and must be accessible for all especially to the underprivileged the most marginalised and those who live in rural areas like Mutoko, Mudzi, Bingà and Gokwe, among other sidelined communities,” Mavura said.

MAYO Zimbabwe Trust is based in Mutoko and its main thrust is to promote youth participation in leadership, governance, and reproductive healthy lifestyles empower young women and foster youth development and empowerment in Mutoko and other surrounding districts in Mashonaland East and Mashonaland central provinces.

The organisation was registered as a nonprofit non-governmental charitable organisation in 2005. it is also registered with the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe as an arts organisation.

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