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Let Them Trust empowers teens



LET Them Trust is conducting a five-month arts programme themed Arts for Change, to help young children in Zimbabwe showcase their talents.

The trust is a child-oriented, educational and cultural organisation in Zimbabwe that provides platforms to inspire young people and develop and showcase their artistic talents.

The programme, which commenced in July and runs until December is targeting children aged between five and 19.

Let Them Trust founder and executive director Chido Chemoyo Musasiwa told NewsDay Life & Style that their priority was to give young people voices to address their issues through art.

“As Let Them Trust we continue to create platforms for young children to groom and showcase their artistic talents. We use their voices to initiate change and development on issues affecting them,” she said.

“We believe through peer-to-peer interactions this project is going to shift young people’s mindset, attitudes and choices.”

Musasiwa said as part of the programme they were focusing on general issues that affected young people.

“The project aims to raise awareness on issues that affect the young in their day-to-day lives, as well as give them voices to address these issues through art. The art for change programme marks a shift in the way art is represented for our young people,” she said.

“Under the programme the young artists get to participate in five categories each with its

“The categories include dance (unity), music (gender-based violence), theatre (drug/substance abuse and mental health), poetry (education) and visual art (climate change)”.

Musasiwa said they had partnered the Restore Culture on the project.

“We have had an incredible opportunity to work with other people from diverse backgrounds with diverse skills. The Restore Culture brought their best and being surrounded by excellence genuinely made us better,” she said.

Let Them Trust has hosted annual art festivals since 2012 under different themes.

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