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Letter to my people: By Doctor Stop It – What did we do to deserve this lot?

Surely, I cannot be the only one who is fed up with Baba’s exhumation case.

It really doesn’t make sense for people to want to exhume Baba and bury him where he did not want to be buried.

Ngwena and his people are behaving like the proverbial lover who does not want to be dumped.

Baba never forgave Ngwena for what he did. In fact, he described Ngwena as his tormentor.

So, with such bad blood between them, I don’t get why they want to bury him at the Heroes Acre.

Ngwena must be careful, his friend Edgar Lungu of Zambia forcibly buried KK at the national shrine in Zambia, against the founding father’s wishes.

His family protested without much success.

A few weeks later, Lungu was out of power.

I am not a seer and don’t deal with spiritual things, but I can almost bet that KK’s avenging spirit could be one of the things that led to Lungu’s loss.

Ngwena, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Anyway, I have half a mind to exhume Baba in the dead of the night, cremate what is left of him and spread the ashes around Zvimba.

Then wait for these goons to come and enforce their court order.

They may proceed and arrest me, I don’t care, but Baba is not going to that mausoleum. Over my dead body.

They must stop it.

Dreamer in the Information ministry

What did we ever do to deserve Ndavaningi. Surely, we deserve better.

Ndavaningi took to Twitter to tell us that Zimbabwe has the fastest economy, whatever that means.

My guess is that he meant it was the fastest growing economy, but I don’t know who he was comparing us to.

To be honest, we are going backwards as a country.

Just look at how prices have gone up in the past few days, both in US dollars and in the local currency, it doesn’t make sense.

If the economy was growing, we wouldn’t need a choir of propagandists telling us how we are doing, but rather we would feel it.

Rewind back to 2010, did anyone need to tell you that the economy was growing? The answer is an absolute “no”.

We could feel it, not now.

I remember when students used to protest against Baba back in the day, they would say “the government is urinating on us and they want us to believe that it is actually rain”. Kkk, university students are mischievous.

But this is actually what is happening in Zimbabwe at the moment, things are terrible and the government keeps on telling us nonsense about surplus this, surplus that.

Fastest economy my foot.

ZITF or family affair

You’ve got to love the Trade Fair.

Ngwena and the Page 2 girl flew all the way to Bulawayo. Ngwena then visited the Page 2 girl’s stand at the Trade Fair, kkk.

I can’t even put it into words how ridiculous this is.

They should just set up a stand at State House and Ngwena can visit it daily, lol.

The things done by that woman … and you thought I was bad.

I am not an editor, but even the headline was horrible. What is newsworthy about a person visiting his wife’s stand.

The long-awaited Trade Fair was reduced into some tasteless joke as Zanu PF turned it into some campaign platform.

 Pulling the rug from under Nero’s feet

According to the newspapers, a party calling itself Citizens Convergence for Change (CCC) has notified ZEC of its existence.

CCC has been the mantra for Nero’s party, so imagine the shock and horror when this previously unknown person stole a march on Nero and claimed the name belonged to her.

Dougie has already said he is MDC-T and he is MDC Alliance, and now this girl says she is CCC. By the time we hold elections, all names would have been taken and Nero will be stranded.

You see, Nero’s biggest problem is that he is a Christian. Not that there’s anything wrong with Christianity, but you see, that religion tells you to turn the other cheek if someone slaps you.

Since March 2020, Nero has received a bajillion slaps, but all he has done is to turn the other cheek.

They said he was no longer MDC Alliance leader, recalled his legislators, took over his building, stripped him bare etc and we have not heard as much of a yelp from him.

If it was me, kkk, I was going to fight back. By now I would have registered a dozen or so parties, with all their names being iterations of Zanu PF.

The first one I will form would be called Zanu FP, followed by Zuna PF etc, I hope you see where I am going with this.

Fight fire with fire, not this nonsense of turning the other cheek.


Stop It

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (FAKE)

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