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Plaxedes’ skincare line gets endorsement


Musician-cum-businesswoman Plaxedes Wenyika on Friday launched a skin care line — Ini Skincare — at a ceremony held at Borrowdale Brooke Country Club.

Plaxedes said the skincare business was inspired by her difficult post-divorce experience after parting ways with businessman Mike Joka whom she was married to for 13 years.

On Friday she launched the much-awaited skincare line at an event that was attended by guests drawn from all walks of life, mainly women.

“We launched Ini Skincare in an intimate group set up at the Borrowdale Brooke Country Club,” the Wadarirei singer said.

“It was an all-woman affair with different age ranges, from the 20s to the 60s. Our guests were a mix of women celebrities, influencers and woman from different spheres of influence.”

“I explained the product range and the need to take care of ourselves as women. We shared our different experiences with ageism and how we wanted women to feel beautiful and confident at all stages of their life.”

Plaxedes said they took advantage of the presence of people with diverse backgrounds to discuss a number of issues.

“We had Mai Chisamba, who shared priceless gems with us and had singers Fungisai Zvakavapano Mashavave, Adiona and Kadija,” she said.

“We also had Madam Boss and Tsitsi Kachembere while our director of ceremonies was media personality and influencer Becky K.

She said Ini Skincare has put in place a series of events ranging from beauty, skincare, to business engagements.

Plaxedes said she created the skincare products in partnership with bio-chemists who have a strong bias towards skincare.

“Life happens and it happens to all of us. I found myself filing for divorce in June of 2018 and got it granted one week after l turned 38,” Plaxedes said.

“I had decided to live my truth after facing the fact that l had lost self-esteem, I was miserable and it was time to take my power back and happiness into my own hands.

“A new life path decision came with facing a lot of stereotypes and misguided judgments about my worth as a woman in the public space and a public figure. I found my divorce in newspaper articles written in an unflattering light.

“I was never asked or interviewed for my side of the story by the publications. It didn’t help that I was already going through mental, emotional and financial stress and I felt like a failure and walked around with shame.

She said her skincare products were home grown and manufactured by skincare experts.

“We provide scientifically researched and backed targeted skincare solutions, used in daily self-care routines,” she said.

“We exist to demystify and uncover the shroud of secrecy that surrounds how to get great looking skin.

“As Ini Skin Care, we believe in lifting the veil and empowering fellow queens by sharing skin care knowledge and delivering the products straight into their hands.”

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