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Who I am is enough, says Elizabeth Vikitara

My name is Elizabeth Vikitara and I am 29 years of age. I was born and raised In Marondera. I am a member of the Women Coalition of Zimbabwe Marondera Chapter.

I’m also a lawyer by profession having attained an LLB from the University of Zimbabwe. I’m currently a legal intern with Women and Law in Southern Africa carrying out women and human rights work with a specific focus on advocating for the promotion and protection of the two.

In the same capacity, I advocate for access to justice and equality for all.

My work is based in Marondera where I carry out helpdesk sessions, mobile legal aid clinics and constitutional awareness and literacy among other development issues.

This has enabled me to meet with a diverse group of women from different walks of life and backgrounds activating my passion to speak, teach and learn from others.

To me this sums up being a young female leader imparting knowledge and receiving it from others as well. Falling, but rising stronger with others.

Motivating each other on the road to inclusion of the female in politics, leadership, mining, agriculture, education and so on is something I am passionate about. Many people hate to hear it, but I’ll still say it #Lets go 50/50!

I am a passionate and driven individual leader. I believe in a ‘woman centred’ approach and the involvement of young women in issues relating to development, reform and leadership for a better Zimbabwe, a better Africa and a better world where everyone regardless of their gender is afforded equal rights and opportunities.

The people who know me will testify that I like to bring the best out of every individual and I strongly believe all women especially young women have unlimited potential to do great if they surely put their mind to it!

I would someday want to be recognized as someone who brought change to the community, country and world at large with regards to the Women’s Movement and what it ultimately stands for.

Sexual harassment, rape and child marriages should become a thing of the past and I want to be part of the Generation that will say we managed to stop the scourge.

The greatest life lesson I have learnt is that what we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do. A lot of young women are stuck in a space where they fear what other people may say or think about them for doing what they truly believe in.

My personal mantra is “I am enough, who I am is enough, what I do is enough and what I am is enough.” Every day, I tell myself this and get ready to face the world and I hope every woman can look at themselves in the mirror and know that for whatever title whatever job whatever position you are enough!

  • This article was made possible through support from the Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCoZ) under the Amplifying Young Women’s Voice for Equality and Non-Discrimination initiative supported by the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA).

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