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Rullzynation advocates for vaccination



BULAWAYO-BASED Afro-Soul singer Brian Mthetho Asande has said his recently-launched extended play (EP) titled uMnyakaWoMuthi that encourages the public to get vaccinated against coronavirus.

Popularly known as Rullzynation, the singer told NewsDay Life & Style that he decided to use his musical talent to urge people to ignore myths and misconceptions around vaccination.

“The album uMnyakaWoMuthi is a project that is rooted in the challenges brought by the outbreak of the coronavirus, how it has affected us and changed lives drastically,” he said.

It is Rullzynation’s hope that the masses through his music will be swayed to get vaccinated.

“We have heard a lot of misconceptions surrounding the vaccines and this has led to panic among other people.

“I have been vaccinated and I am still alive, I feel music is the right way to educate our communities about the vaccination programme,” he said.

“People must get vaccinated as this will help in efforts to curb the spread of the virus. We have to join hands for this to happen so that things return to normalcy.”

Rullzynation said artistes had a critical role to play in encouraging people to be vaccinated.

“Music is a universal language that every human being understands better, so I believe the voice of musicians plays a big role in encouraging people to listen and understand everything about the vaccine before deciding to get vaccinated,” he said.

“The end result expected from my EP is to see unity among our communities with regards to adhering to the set guidelines meant to curb the spread of the virus and most importantly getting vaccinated.”

Rullzynation is optimistic that if people get vaccinated it helps towards efforts to resuscitate the arts sector as safe spaces for artistes to perform would have been created.

“At the moment almost every industry has suffered due to COVID-19 pandemic and encouraging each other to get vaccinated will probably help to revive a lot of things,” he said.

“As artistes we have suffered a lot, almost two years without working since we depend on live performances that attract gatherings which are currently banned because of the pandemic restrictions.

Some of the songs on uMnyakaWoMuthi are Locxion-Key, Qhude’Manikiniki, Amahinya’Hinya, Nda’Jamuka and 8ita-Hola.

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