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Mangwanya urges artistes to be creative



DOMINO Visuals Africa co-owner and pop-jazz singer Believe Mangwanya has urged fellow artistes to be creative, versatile and branch into other facets of the arts industry.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Mangwanya said venturing into other arts-related businesses enabled him to promote his music.

“Pursuing several opportunities helps financially such that one is able to then put more money into music, enhancing the career,” he said.

“I want to encourage my fellow artistes to choose something that keeps inspiring them to continue with music.  For me being in front and behind the camera illuminates my creative world in a way that I continue to discover.”

He said finding feet in other art disciplines helped in getting exposure, endorsements and financial gains.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has proved to be challenging for many artistes, but it was different for me as I managed to work with multiple arts sectors, travel throughout the country and work with amazing people,” he said.

“I have been writing a lot of music during this time I am behind the camera, hopefully releasing something before the year ends.”

“The music industry needs one to diversify into several other branches in order to acquire knowledge that enriches their career. As one ventures and gets experience in any type of industry, they get to learn every aspect of that industry.”

He added: “You connect with the right kind of people who will be responsible enough to cover up those weaknesses. One gets to know how the market is going instead of just releasing a song.”

“You get to know how to market, who to market to and how to brand yourself. It is a lot but subconsciously it will just run in the blood as you go.”

Mangwanya has so far released a four-track extended play and singles such as Ruva Rangu, Shero, Roora and Mavanga.

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