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Aggressive Mubu embarks on Kariba book tour

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Aggressive and highly energetic author Mubu Delorne Mubu is headed for Kariba as part of continuation of his People 2 People book tours aimed at promoting his book within corporates, schools and youth organisations in Zimbabwe.

The People 2 People book tour begins tomorrow and runs up until October 7.

Prior to the Kariba visit,  he has conducted similar tours in Kwekwe, Gweru, Bulawayo, Marondera and Mutare.

Mubu is an active citizen, author, accountant, professional speaker and entrepreneur. He holds  a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Applied Accounting with Oxford Brookes University of London. He is currently completing his tenure as the local president for JCI Capital — a fast-growing local community organisation affiliated to JCI Zimbabwe, which seeks to provide development opportunities that empowers young people to create a positive change.

The highly ambitious and energetic youthful author has expressed his interest to gun for a top post on the JCI Zimbabwe Board.

His book People 2 People, which was launched in 2020, is a personal development toolkit tailor-made for those in a quest to self-develop themself and grow through harnessing personal relationships. The book is rooted to the conviction that:

“As human beings, we do not live in isolation, neither do we live in a vacuum. We live in a world full of people that we interact with on a daily basis for the rest of our lives. This then gives rise to the importance of nurturing and building strong, positive and healthy relationships with people. If one succeeds in building good relationships, this can allow one to live in peace, achieve personal goals and reach a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction” (pp.18).

If you would like to pave way for your success, I would say that this book can really serve as an ideal toolbox and it’s indeed a “must have” for any goal-oriented person. Adorned with many references and quotes, Mubu captures the fundamental elements that are crucial in facilitating success that can be considered as a “one-size fit all,” where anyone can be able to apply the principles portrayed throughout the entire book.

In endorsing People 2 People, renowned professional speaker, trainer and coach of communication Warren Gapara stated:

“For one so young Mubu has put together a surprisingly mature piece of work. Written in clear and entertaining style, he has demonstrated an understanding and appreciation of life,the world around him and that of fellow human beings. The experiences and ideas he expressed clearly demonstrates a keen awareness of human behaviour and how it can affect the progress and quality of our lives. It is the kind of book that has to be read slowly,ensuring one fully absorbs the nuggets on each page. Keep this book by your bedside and read a chapter before drifting to sleep. The ideas will then take full root in the peace of a deep sleep.”

For young people and young professionals seeking to build networks that advance their personal and professional development discourse, People 2 People is a step-by-step manual guide that will enable one to get to the top.

The most striking principle, which he (Mubu) highlighted was the importance of networking. In any regard, this has been neglected by many individuals for fear of condemnation and jealousy, but Mubu disregards this way of thinking and rather points out to the fact that sharing with other people open avenues to more opportunities, which he portrayed through his own life.  Much of what he managed to accomplish is through the good relationships he had with people.

Moreover, he stresses the concept of forgiveness through his religious allusions. He makes references to Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Christianity to depict that if people want to succeed, there should learn to forgive, which l feel plays quite a pivotal role in people’s piece of mind. By giving reference to diverse religions, it just shows that this principle can be applied anywhere in the world and it is very applaudable that Mubu points this out. Unforgiveness yields nothing but pride and discontentment, which hinder progress.

Overall what I love about Mubu is his unique digital savvy approach to engaging with various audiences and he breaks from the old traditional conventions through simplifying his book’s content on digital platforms in particular YouTube. This as a strategy on its own enable those who might not have time to read the book to actually develop interest in reading the book and following his inspirational YouTube engagements.

The writer Fungayi Sox is a Harare-based communications consultant specialising in writing, book editing, education, personal development, digital media technologies and publishing. He can be contacted on +263 776 030 949 or follow him on Twitter @Antony Sox or connect with him on LinkedIn on Fungayi Antony Sox.

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