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Hey! What’s going on in the US?

Letter from America: with KENNETH MUFUKA
There is definitely something going on in the United States which the US government has been unable to get a handle.

The resistance against vaccination is growing, even as we speak, there is a physical demonstration in New York City (NYC). Resistance has spread to California. These two states are important because they are Democratic strongholds and represent President Joe Biden new democracy.

Vaccination against Covid-19 is free. Big pharmaceuticals (called Big Pharmas) are calling people from the streets. While the effort has slightly edged over 50%, the resistance has grown louder and louder. In the New York story, the resistance includes nurses and soldiers who face losing their jobs.


I have traced the conspiracy story to a conversation billionaire Bill Gates had in 2010 called TED Talk. In that conversation, Gates argued that the world must face the challenges of dwindling resources against rising populations. Somewhere down the line, we must reduce the equation to zero sum.

“The world today has six billion people (and growing). Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower (population) by 10 or 15%.”

In a report entitled, Goalkeeper 2017 funded by the Bill Gates Foundation, it was estimated that between 2015 and 2050 Congo-Zaire and Nigeria will house half the world’s population. Of that 40% of the world’s poor will be found in Africa. Surely, Gates said: “the biggest things (sic) are modern tools of contraception.”

Rapid population growth in “Africa’s poorest countries could put at risk future progress towards reducing global poverty and improving health.”

It, therefore, does not surprise sceptics that vaccinations and anti HIV and Aids medicines are given free in Africa and that unsupervised experiments have been done in the Congo. In Kenya, though I have no corroborating evidence, sex workers who received “health benefits” from the global foundations were unable to have children. There is a notorious Tuskegee Experiment was sponsored by the US Secret Service which targeted blacks with syphilis infections. The experiment went on for 45 years.

In fairness to Bill Gates, Angela Fichera, perhaps a side-kick has written at length on the Gates website that he was misunderstood. I was talking to a white woman yesterday who guided my research.

Despite all the efforts, the Governor of California and Congress in Washington, seem to have excluded themselves from compulsory vaccination or even keeping safe distance rules. In any case, if population reduction is necessary, it is obvious that European Union and US inhabitants, who have reduced their own births, for selfish reasons, to less than two children per family are excluded.


As we go to press, 514 female athletes are presenting a document in favour of abortion on demand to the US Supreme Court. The leader seems to be Olympian Megan Rapinoe who says that if their demands for abortion on demand are not met, “fierce resistance will follow”.

Another heroine, Crissy Perham takes a similar point of view. “I was on an (athletic) scholarship and I don’t know how I got pregnant. I got an abortion.”

If the Justices were surprised that Crissy did not know how she got pregnant, they kept their wisdom to themselves. She also made the claim that athletic women train with men, some of whom she called “perpetrators”. The female athletes have the burden of seeing their perpetrators every day, a burden “which would be unbearable” were it not for the availability of abortion on demand.

Again it appears to me that the Justices did not follow up on this assertion, that male perpetrators practice side by side with female victims apparently with perfect impunity.

What Crissy did not inform the Justices about is the availability of contraceptives under every green tree. Schools “dish them out like candy” I have often been told. Further contraceptive coin dispensers are located at every public junction and in hotels. In addition, pharmacies sell a morning after pill, though a little more expensive than those found in coin operated box dispensers.

Africa and Asia

The issue therefore, is that since white women have reduced their ability to have children to a non-sustainable population replacement level, the birth rate in Africa and Asia will threaten their very existence of the globe. Therefore, Africans and Asians must be induced into non-bearing equations through vaccinations, health care, HIV and Aids treatments, whether they like it or not.

The pliant African leaders, having sent their best and brightest sons to Europe, find themselves unprepared for repetitive epidemics.

American generality, which is refusing to participate in vaccination, says that the Covid-19 could have originated in biological warfare experiments. It appears that some American scientists did co-operate in such experiments. One Harvard scientist is in a jailhouse for taking part in such an experiment without permission.

The fact that the government denies any such collusion with China satisfies nobody, considering the Tuskegee Experiment. The US president Joe Biden finds himself between a rock and a hard place. Sincerely believing that vaccinations are lifesaving, he finds that the common people he so desires to represent are skeptical.

Biden is searching for a new mission for the US. This one, to serve humanity, is slipping through his fingers even as we speak.

Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot. He writes from the US. His latest book is entitled: Life and Times of Robert Mugabe: Dream Betrayed (Innov8 Bookshops, Zimbabwe) and from kenmufukabooks.com in the wider world.

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