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Rox giving identity to Midlands music

By Alfred Tembo

WE are stepping up to give our music a mark of recognition, an act of breaking away from the walking tribe imitating traits of our musical signature that was for long perceived as Harare production, says Ternforn Matsiwo.

Matsiwo, popularly known as a Rox, said in the past Gweru was regarded as a “sleepy zone” with many successful artistes opting to migrate to Harare on receiving their first ray of break through into the cut throat musical scene.

The award-winning music producer, who graduated from Midlands State University with a degree in Cultural Studies, explained that the success to such a movement depends on the willing support of the industry’s stakeholders.

“As a music producer, my prayer is to gain recognition and draw the attention of local radios in the hope that they would play our music or merit to support the movement,” said Rox.

The music producer is promoting his latest offering, DzeGweru — Volume 1, a hybrid musical compilation consisting of 20 songs from the City of Progress.

The featured artistes are Dr Smith, Bryn, Sue, Lua Peris, Ras I, Nana J, Defeatah, Styx, Latitude, Sir Marlborn, Trooper King, Negative, DJ Chamu, Croxy Kingstone, Dangerous Generation, Mac Gee, Pastor B and United Kingdom based artiste Zizoe

DzeGweru is loaded with sizzling reggae, hip-hop, mhande Afro-beats, amapiano and gospel, among other genres.

“Rox Production is also developing a strategy that recognises female musicians because we are of the view that without a female voice, music cannot speak, stimulate or inspire an alternative narrative needed to build our communities,” said Rox.

He believes that the issue of abilities should not be a challenge in that his music has on many occasions been attributed to  Harare music producers.

“We are capable of producing international quality. And for that reason we want our music to bare the much needed identity that resonates with its sources,” He said.

Rox a household name and is the man behind hits songs such as Fire Fire by Nutty O (2020), Gemma by Junior Nana (2020), Dhame by Zizo (2019), Shuviro by Zizo (2021) and Tonyo by Tally B (2019), among other songs.

He said community radio stations were established to amplify the local voices and let it be as such.

Matsiwo said lack of serious promoters has seen many gifted artistes migrating to Harare to join a competitive market.

“Local content should also be prioritised as a way of meeting pledges made by our community radio stations and meet expectations of the people they serve,” he said.

“I hear young artistes say sometimes they experience man-made complications such as DJs demand for monies for them to play their music.

“As for myself, this has not happened to be in my musical experience for the reason that l have set a clear transparency mission governed by professionalism.

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