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Business in a COVID-19 Environment: 5 Promising Ideas

In two years, the life of everyone on the planet has changed dramatically – many countries have been quarantined because of the coronavirus, there have been enormous changes in technology, health care, and the economy. Under such conditions, representatives of business, regardless of who they are – a very young company, inspired by the success of tonybet.ke/sw/prematch or already veterans of their fields, had to quickly adapt to the new conditions and almost save their brainchild. 

Today we publish five business ideas that can be developed during the pandemic.

Disinfection Service

After the pandemic, the world will no longer be the same, and undoubtedly people will be much more serious about their safety and hygiene. This will create a demand for disinfection, disinsection, and derivatization services.

The initial cost of opening such a business will be about 2-3 thousand dollars. Such a business should pay for itself in six months if the company will have at least four or six orders per month to disinfect a one-room apartment. But you can also work with large events, earn more and grow the business.

Delivery Service for Goods and Services

During the quarantine, there was a surge of Internet orders for food, basic necessities, and other things people needed. This is quite natural since restrictions in many countries were imposed on travel, on the food that stores could sell, and on the services that could be provided. Because quarantine restrictions, in some periods of the pandemic, were tightened – people preferred not to go to supermarkets unnecessarily, but to order by phone and online. However, when the quarantine was loosened in many places in the summer, people realized that the experience they had, namely the delivery of fresh food directly to their apartment door, was very convenient. After all, it is much more practical and faster to deliver fresh products directly from the supermarket than to choose them in different stores, looking for where it is more profitable and better.

The Service of Food Delivery or Take-Away in Catering Establishments

Many catering establishments were affected by the pandemic. In the first months, when there was a tight lockdown and nothing worked, many restaurants and cafes simply closed. But there are those who not only stayed afloat but also increased their pre-pandemic revenues. These include catering establishments that promptly launched a delivery service in their establishments. That is, they guaranteed that their customers could get their favorite dishes without the risk of getting sick. In this way, business owners were able not only to minimize losses from downtime but also to save jobs for employees, which in an era of economic crisis is extremely important.

Online Stores

For most retailers, the quarantine was a disaster. And the transition to online sites has become a matter of survival. In addition, for people, online shopping has become the only place where you can buy a wide range of goods.

At the same time, online commerce has also felt the effects of the pandemic. But it has won rather than lost. For example, the online retailer eBay was forced to hire additional employees on an emergency basis due to the increased demand. The company also faced a shortage of storage space. After all, previously the company mainly sold appliances. And during the pandemic demand for products increased – we had to buy and find a place to store them.

We should expect that after the end of the epidemic, the popularity of online stores will only grow, as, during the quarantine, purchases through the network will become a habit among customers. 

Online Courses

The field of education has become another business that has increased in demand during the pandemic. Because during the pandemic, people have a lot of free time which they can spend on self-development, gaining new skills and knowledge.

Web-users not only want to improve their foreign language level but also learn some new skills. And some want to learn a new profession because of the quarantine, many were left without work.

With the help of online learning, it can be quite effective to prepare programmers, marketers, SEO specialists, SMM specialists, and representatives of other professions associated with the Internet and new technologies.

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