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How Much Value Does Ronaldo Bring to Manchester United?

Cristiano Ronaldo has shaken up the football world by making a huge career move. The legendary football player has exited Juventus and joined Manchester United, after signing a 2-year contract of returning to Manchester United. The English club will pay Juventus a sum totalling €15 million in order to get Ronaldo who has a global appeal. The sum will be paid within 5 years. The sum could later increase to €23 million. Manchester United may pay an additional €8 million if Ronaldo manages to achieve some performance goals on the pitch. The 36-year-old football star is one of the biggest financially successful athletes in the whole world. According to Forbes, Ronaldo is the first football player to get a whopping $1 billion before taxes. This was hugely possible thanks to the annual salary he received last year, amounting to $105 million. The only other player who has reached that level is his rival, talented football player Lionel Messi.

Who is Cristiano Ronaldo?

Ronaldo is among the most-paid people in the world. The first and second highest-paid athletes are Conor McGregor and Lionel Messi with Ronaldo being the third athlete. Ronaldo reached that level thanks to his $120 million – $70 million he earns while on the pitch and another $50 million he gets from endorsements with some of the biggest companies in the world. For instance, Ronaldo has a lifetime endorsement with Nike. He also has sponsors such as Unilever, MTG and DAZN. The most renowned Portuguese player of his generation is also sponsored by Poker Stars, which is a perfect partnership for Cristiano as he’s an avid poker player and has been for a decade.

Ronaldo’s Career

Cristiano has managed to achieve so much but this did not happen overnight. He was signed to Manchester United when he was 18 years. Thus, Cristiano has come back home to familiar territory by joining Manchester United. He played for Manchester United from 2003 – 09. During that time, Cristiano managed to win 3 Premier League titles. He also won the 2008 Champions League. Moreover, he had scored one hundred and eighteen goals in two hundred and ninety-two matches. Ronaldo was then signed to Real Madrid for nine years and became the top scorer. He then exited Real Madrid and joined Juventus in 2018. The football player was joint top scorer in this summer’s Euro with 5 goals. He scored 109 goals and made 179 appearances for Portugal. The international football star has managed to score a whopping 783 total team goals in his career. He scored these goals while playing international, continental, and domestic cup matches over the years.

The star admitted he was elated to be back in the club where it all started. According to the star, he is finally back after 12 years and is looking forward to beginning the first game. Ronaldo revealed that Sir Alex Ferguson was like a father-figure in football for him. The football manager has taught and helped Ronaldo a lot. Ronaldo admits that he keeps in touch with Ferguson, and he likes him a lot. In fact, the football star said Ferguson influenced his decision to join Manchester United. Ronaldo is ready to deliver great results. In an interview he did with Manchester United, the football icon says he is ready to make history, win trophies and help his new home achieve great things, so if you think Ronaldo is the catalyst to spur United to a title this year then check out his impressive stats at It is going to be an amazing football season, with many Manchester United fans waiting to see how things will unfold in the sports world. All eyes will be on him and on Manchester United in the football matches to come.


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