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Letter from America: A culture war is raging!

Democrats see the defence of gay and trans-gender people as part of their trademark.


In 1992 former president George H Bush identified the differences between the Republican Party and the Democrats as part of a bigger picture, a cultural war.

Scott Smith is the father of a teenage girl who attends Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn, West Virginia. On May 28, a boy whose official description is that of a “gender fluid individual” whose birth definition was male, entered a girl’s bathroom at the school and proceeded to overpower a ninth grade girl, Smith’s daughter.

Democrats see the defence of gay and trans-gender people as part of their trademark.

When Smith approached the school district for redress, he was met with mumbo jumbo. Since the individual accused was a teenager, his name could not be published. The school issued a statement that: “To maintain the integrity of the investigation, law enforcement requested that the school district not interview students until their investigation is concluded.” Two months passed.

When Scott made further inquiries, here was a response. The school superintendent told him that there was no record of the incident at the school in question. In another encounter, the superintendent told Smith that an “incident referred to an individual had indeed been reported by the school but that individual was no longer at the school.” It became obvious that the school board did not want the news of this event to be broadcast and that they wanted the matter to die away.

Nevertheless, the 15-year-old gender fluid individual was transferred to Broad High School, where he is alleged to have repeated the offence.

Scott, against the wishes of the school authorities, went on air with a right-wing television caster, Laura Ingram. From there the matter escalated into the public domain.

At the school board meeting, the authorities tried to keep the matter under wraps by allowing him two minutes to state his case. When his emotions overcame him, the authorities decided that they had had enough of Scott. He was arrested, thrown in a jailhouse and has since come under Federal Bureau of Investigation oversight as a terrorist.


The state of West Virginia has 95 counties. All except one voted in favour of Donald Trump for president. The issue was then taken up by religious leaning groups that saw the trajectory of the National School Board Association as an attempt to silence faith-based input into the education of their children.

Conservative leaning groups seem to have spread the idea that the Biden government wants to impose a fascist regime on them. In Palm Beach County, Florida, San Antonia, Texas, and in Lafayette County, Louisiana, conservative groups have turned up at school board meetings without wearing masks, and made their opinion known rather loudly. In the three places, police were brought in to remove parents from meetings.

The parents are protesting mandatory masking of pupils, imposing of non-gender philosophies in schools and the critical race theory. The masks make breathing difficult and collect moisture around the noise and mouth. They also argue that some of the vaccinations use human foetuses, a practice forbidden by most Christian organisations.

The National Association of School Boards, a left leaning organisation, is caught up in another storm, called Critical Race Theory (CRT). Critical race theory was publicised by black professor Derrick Bell of Harvard in the 1880’s. The proposition is that the US is a race-based society, and that racism is systemic. It is not that individual whites wish to harm blacks, but that the system is organised in such a way that harm will come to blacks. For instance, the Federal Reserve Bank has issued numerous reports about how banks discriminate against blacks, but nothing has improved in 60 years.

The national association met with stiff resistance when it tried to include it in the K-12 curriculum. They regarded the resistance by parents in a most unfavourable light. It sought President Joe Biden’s help.

“All these acts of malice, violence, and threats against public school officials have increased, the classification of these heinous actions could be the equivalent to the form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes,” the Association wrote to Biden.

By calling for police protection, the association only served to exacerbate the animus between the parent movements and itself. Parents saw the association as a devil’s advocate, trying to brainwash their children into hating the US as a racist society and ignoring the progress in favour of blacks since civil rights laws of 1964.

The reaction by US Attorney General Merrit Garland was an overkill. He apparently agreed with the view expressed by school board associations that sought to prevent oversight of their activities in the schools.

“They are not only illegal, but they also run counter to our nation’s core values. Those who dedicate their time and energy to ensuring that our children receive a proper education in a safe environment deserve to be able to do their work without fear for their safety. To this end, I am directing the FBI…to convene meetings with federal, state, local and tribal …leaders within 30 days… of this memorandum.”

Christians see a long-range plan by progressives to destroy religious concepts. While at first progressives wanted acceptance of gay marriages and gay lifestyles, they have now moved to trans-gender lifestyles. The school board explosions originate from the fact that progressives have banished gender differences. They want to force schools, necessary, to accept non-gendered lifestyles. The mixed toilet and the attempt to silence Scott about his daughter is only the tip of the iceberg.

They also want to drive all businesses that espouse the conservative view. In 1917 the Gay Association of Colorado targeted Jack Philipps of Master cake. Philipps wore his religion on his sleeves. He was taken to court for refusing to bake a special cake celebrating a gay wedding. He escaped censure in the Supreme Court but last week, he was before another judge for a similar case. A trans-gender couple reported him to the authorities. Today, a judge has ordered that he close his shop because of his unfair trade practices.

As we go to press, the Associated Reform Church, the last bastion of conservative Christianity has fallen. Infiltrated by gay fighters, it resolved that rather than fight a bruising battle, it will allow them to take away a chunk of church properties and assets.

Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot. His award-winning book, Matters of Conscience (2002) has been reprinted. His books are available in Zimbabwe at Innvov Bookshops and in the wider world at kenmufukabooks.com

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