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I’m inspired to develop, empower, says Rita

Girls often look to the women in their lives for cues about how to think and act and in Rita Tiriboyi, most girls seem to be gaining the confidence and skills they need to lean in and take the lead.

Tiriboyi is a 27-year-old educationist, author and advocate for youth and women empowerment.

She is the founder and executive director of Ree Inspiration for Girl Child Empowerment (RIGE) Trust, which seeks to enhance the full realisation of women’s potential.

Tiriboyi holds a Diploma in Education and is currently studying for a BSc Honours in Physical Education.

She also has a number of team-building, leadership and counselling certificates.

A former national vice-secretary of the Forum for African Women Educationist – Zimbabwe chapter (FAWEZI), Tiriboyi has undertaken a number of philanthropic works and initiatives where she donates education enhancing materials to girls as well as sanitary wear.

She assisted some girls to get scholarships and identity documents.

“What it means for me to be a young woman leader is to hold a position that is strategic enough to influence livelihoods in a positive way,” Tiriboyi said.

“My personal mantra is ‘inspired to develop and empower’.

“My greatest life lesson being there is no force more powerful than a woman determined to achieve her goals.”

Tiriboyi has also co-authored three physical education, sport and mass displays primary (school) textbooks.

“I aspire to be that woman to whom girls look up to for mentorship and assistance on realising and achieving their goals in life,” she said.

Tiriboyi is a member of the Women Coalition of Zimbabwe Bindura chapter.

  • This article was made possible through support from the Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCoZ) under the Amplifying Young Women’s Voice for Equality and Non-Discrimination initiative supported by the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA).

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