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Big surprise for local dancehall chanter


Rising Chitungwiza dancehall singer Mike “Micho Banjo” Saujeni got a shot in the arm after a local company Barmlo Group of Companies, through its construction firm, pledged to build an accessible home.

The 22-year-old chanter, who got paralysed at a tender age and uses a wheelchair, is riding high following the release of four tracks early this year.

Barmlo Group of Companies is also assisting the ambitious chanter to record two songs, including supporting him to shoot a video.

Banabasi Marambire, the CEO of Barmlo Group of Companies made this pledge when he visited Micho, as the chanter is popularly known, at his home in Chitungwiza’s St Mary’s suburb.

“I have heard about your challenges and your talents through the media,” said Marambire.

“I have seen your living conditions here and it’s not a health a environment for someone like you to stay in such conditions.

“I am here to assist you. I am a man of action and I am pledging to build you a house at your stand. This house is accessible and user-friendly for you. It will allow you to record your music and do whatever you want.”

Marambire said he was sending a team from his company to work with Micho’s family and find the best ways they can get the documents to the chanter’s residential stand said to be Eastview.

“Our team will soon engage you and start work as soon as we get all the necessary paper work,” he said.

“I know what you go through because myself I went through similar conditions when I was growing up.

“I have written a book that chronicles my upbringing after I lost my parents at a tender age. I grew up doing all sorts of jobs to eke a living and I know how it is.”

Marambire is better known as “The Herdboy” in social circles or simply “Barmlo” in relation to how his business empire has grown to become a respected and selfless entrepreneur, thanks to his heart for the less-privileged.

“I am also financing Micho’s music project, having sponsored his recording sessions with a local producer. We are paying for two songs, including the production of a video,” Marambire said.

Micho said all along he was yearning for support to develop his skills and realise his potential.

“I am happy with the support l am getting from people like Mr Marambire. I am now recording and producing songs, including videos because of you people, thank you very much,” Micho said.

“I think with this kind of support, I can go up there and get to dizzy heights, something I have been yearning for years.”

Just like his peers, Micho has ambitions and dreams for his future and this is evident in most of his songs, particularly the track Chipo Makandipa.

In the song, Micho thanks God for the talent despite his condition.

“I am happy l am living my dream. It’s something that l have always wanted, singing for the world,” Micho said.

The dancehall artiste has released a video of the song Life Yako, which is about his trials and tribulations.

The song was produced by Chitungwiza-based producer Gallyze and the video was directed by Diller.

Micho believes he has dusted off societal stigmatisation that would have kept him bed-ridden in dejection as most people with similar conditions would do.

“I am different. I am a goal-getter. Society now accepts me and has embraced me, thanks to my talent,” he said.

Micho just like many young people with disabilities face barriers to the enjoyment of their civil liberties.

Her mother Anne Mangadze thanked Barmlo Group of Companies for coming to Micho’s rescue.

“Micho grew up like music to an extent that the community would call him ‘Wnky D,” said Mangadze.

“He is very talented and with this kind of support, I Think he will go very far.

“I have been raising these children under very difficult conditions since the passing on of their father in 2013.

“We don’t have a proper home, one that is accessible to Micho and one of his brothers who has a disability as well.”

Mangadze said she was raising her family through selling wares in farming communities in Chegutu.

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