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Chics’ Galaxy: Covid-19 presents Chafa modelling opportunity


The novel coronavirus has severely impacted global systems, but for 19-year-old Kelly Chafa, the pandemic could have presented what undoubtedly is a lifetime opportunity.

While most people were in self isolation or lock down mode, and sporting clubs, recreational activities and social communities closed, Chafa found herself joining modelling as a way to fight boredom and pass time.

Chafa, a Forensic Science student at the University of Zimbabwe, said she found herself on the ramp by “mistake”.

Kelly Chafa

“On how l started modelling, well, l wrote my A’ Levels last year (and I had 11 points in MBC), and due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the results delayed. So, it was during that prolonged holiday that l met a certain model trainer, Tatenda Kashesha, who suggested that I join modelling,” Chafa told Standard Style.

“At first I refused to take up the offer, but later on I decided to give it a shot.

“He trained me for a month, and he was very impressed with my quick learning. He then started bringing in big names like Eva Muzondiwa (Miss Heritage) and Panashe Murandu (Mr Glam Int) to teach me other techniques and with that, they sent me into the pageant world.”

The Chitungwiza-bred model has competed in two pageants and one fashion show since last year and walked home with all the titles.

“So far, l hold three titles for the two pageants and one fashion show that l have participated in,” she said.

“Pageantry is not easy, or at least it hasn’t been easy for me. The battle of nerves is one of the challenges and this is made worse when competing in a foreign city.

Kelly Chafa

“The locals will be having a strong support and that alone can hang you dry, but then with time, l got to love the ramp, claim it and captivate the crowd regardless of where I am.

“Some of the challenges that I have encountered include not getting what the pageant organisers would have promised in terms of prizes. There is also lack of recognition in the local cut-throat modelling industry.”

Chafa is the first born in a family of four girls. Among her hobbies is listening to music.

Her ultimate ambition is to bag a global crown.

“I hope to compete and win at the Miss Universe pageant and I also want to work towards the development of the modelling industry by setting up a modelling school,” Chafa said.

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