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Skylake unveils its Aquaman’s signature   

Coming from a complex background that entails a tale of rags to riches is a story of a very determined young man who has defied all odds by sailing against the waves in the quest of finding his means in the sea of many talents.


Fortune favors the brave.

The path of Skylake Borehole Drilling Company CEO, Tatenda Samukange, describes a fortune that arrived at the right time.

Just a few months after completing high school in, 2013 Samukange was offered a job by his uncle at an information technology company as a marketer without any skill base but, God qualified the unqualified.

He scooped the Best Performer of the Year Award that opened his promotion gates to lead the Bulawayo branch.

In the shortest space of time, the determination of the young aqua-hunter became fiercer as he dropped the curtain to explore other endless possibilities in the world of plenty.

To make strides in the wilderness, the toddler knew very much of the need to take off the training wheels and learn to balance on his own, and he positioned himself in a four-wheel-drive mode as he ventured into the car dealership.

As Cory Doctorow said, never underestimate the determination of a kid who is cash poor but time rich,

Steadfastly, believing that as long as he was with God, his star would soon shine he kept on hoping for that better day to come.

Samukange kept his heart alive, 

Establishing a borehole drilling company that now competes with some renowned firms was not a stroll in the park for young Samukange, who at that tender age discontinued his education to venture into the world of the unknown.

End of 2015, Lady Fortuna greeted him through a client he had met during the car dealership, and the first raindrop fell on his face to surprise with hope towards his longing dream.

By mid-2016, the Borehole Drilling company breathed its first life.

In 2017, the runway cleared. New ventures started pouring in.

During the early days, the young man was afraid to reveal the intentions of his newly found jewel. He was scared that clients and possible partners would not take him seriously at that age.

But, the idiom that says time and experience teach wisdom magically worked, as the nervous conditions quickly vanished, to witness the hand of God and the manifestation of his blessings.

During the surge of Covid in 2020, he donated two boreholes to two major infectious centers, Wilkins and Beatrice. At this point, the nation was facing a crisis after being unexpectedly hit by a deadly pandemic.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa applauded the Youngman for showing national solidarity in the face of the ravaging crisis.

On October 29, 2021.

The SIGNAGE is rubber-stamped! Captain Jack Sparrow finally reveals his heart to quench our thirst with his sky-blue water of life as we celebrate the glimpse of his decorated signature.

The whole nation witness the heart of a young man who overstepped his fear boundaries to inspire both the new and the old and pledged to save lives with the precious liquid.

The map and the ground have aligned, Skylake Borehole Harare Offices are officially launched!

There is a saying that says, show me your crowd and I will know you. I suppose the following crowd can best describe the young journeyman’s circle and the significant strides he has taken to reach thus far.

The event was graced by different entrepreneurs and artists including Band ABC Chief Executive Officer, comedienne Madam Boss, Jah Prayzah, Nash Holdings CEO, Tinashe Mutarisi, Pokello, and many others.

The rarest moment captured from the attending crowd was Tinashe Mutarisi’s smile.

Yes, the cheerful Nash Boss smiled, a lot this day! Congrats my brother! Congrats Team Skylake! May God continue guiding the moving ship.

Makorokoto,Siyabonga, Tinotenda, Thank You!!!

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