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Letter from America: Baptists in hand-to-hand combat among themselves!

Reverend Mike Stone of Emmanuel Baptist in Bethesda, Georgia, accuses Moore of being uncharitable towards fellow believers, and behaving like a pharisee, and making blasphemous accusations against himself and the elders of the church.


The annual Southern Baptist Conference in Nashville, Tennessee was the largest ever in their recent history, with 13 000 “messengers” attending.

Their attempt, however, to create a semblance of unity and harmony came crashing down.

They are blaming the devil for their miserable failure.

Four months later, in October, all the divisive issues that had plagued the conference erupted into the public domain. One of their very own, a mighty man of letters, their chief apostle, the Reverend Dr. Russell Moore, president of the ethics and religious committee, that powerful committee that guides the layman through doctrinal issues daily was probably a mole, has been fingered for double dipping from the church as well as from Lucifer, Prince of Darkness, a double crosser.

Reverend Mike Stone of Emmanuel Baptist in Bethesda, Georgia, accuses Moore of being uncharitable towards fellow believers, and behaving like a pharisee, and making blasphemous accusations against himself and the elders of the church.

Stone was the head of the executive committee which is superior to Moore’s committee. Moore alleged, in a television interview that he was “being investigated by the president of that body who was, at that very moment, using his pastoral authority to sexually sin.”

I have a transcript before me. Moore could not have known with certainty about such things until a judge confirms it. Stone is therefore correct in accusing Moore of being uncharitable towards a brother in Christ. This accusation is the mark of the Pharisee.

Moore made another accusation against the Baptist messengers. “My family and I have faced constant threats from white nationalists and white supremacists, including within the convention. Some of them have been involved in neo-Confederate activities going back for years.”

Moore almost puts all the Baptists in one basket, that of irredeemable deplorables, misogynists and homophobes. The Reverend Paige Patterson was a former president of the convention, a luminary in the church, and served as president of the Southwest Baptist Seminary. Paige was dismissed over allegation of covering up sexual offences at the seminary. Moore relentlessly attacks the fellow messenger. The transcript says Patterson denigrated African Americans, including Reverend Fred Luter and Sister Trillia Newbell. Luter was president of the convention and Trillia was general secretary. “I was just concerned about that black girl, whether she is an egalitarian.” When pressed, Paige said; “A lot of these black girls are egalitarians.” And as for Luter, Paige was uncertain about his grasp of doctrinal issues.

I have examined these matters carefully and acknowledge the superior attitude taken by our white brothers who arrogate to themselves the power to decide what is doctrine (what we believe). Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German theologian visited a Harlem black church and there grasped the essence of faith through suffering, which is God first.

The point, which blacks mastered perfectly, and perhaps Moore is alluding to, is that racists and white slave traders wanted to convince blacks that they were separated from God as his children. The racist theology is upside down. Here are a people who have enslaved the whole world, drove American Indians into the desert, raped and maimed women and children, claiming to be God’s children.

It is a fantastic claim.

When Trillia was informed of this disrespect her answer was inspirational.

Trillia is no coward, but she says that you must choose your battles with the devil. “I am no girl; I am a grown-up woman. I have faced racism all my life. I pay them no mind.”

This is the summa of black wisdom. One must learn to ignore challenges sometimes, pay them no mind.

Critical Race Theory

If Moore is correct, the Southern Baptist Church will be burning for a very long time. He accuses the great apostles of lacking compassion and ability to “bear and share e ach other’s burden.”

When Mother Emmanuel African Episcopal Church was invaded by a white racist who shot six saints during their Bible Study hour, Moore suggested that this was a moment when they, as a denomination, could show God’s grace. Moore suggest that his recommendation was rejected outright. “This was a tiny sample of what I experience every single day.”

Moore left the church before he was investigated for “character flaws” he says. Character flaws refers to sexual sins. Whenever two Baptists of different sexes meet, the devil scares them with the threat of sexual sin.

With the Baptists in disarray, the devil was all smiles as he went to his fire pit. He promised to return next year.

In the meantime, the Catholic Bishops are meeting in Washington, DC, and Lucifer, has been sighted there also, but Catholics re wily and experienced and don’t fall easily to such adumbrations.

Catholics manage some of the elite preparatory academies for the ruling class. They are being pressured to teach critical race theory (CRT) to the future rulers and globalists.

In short, Attorney Derrick Bell, who had worked for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peoples before went to Harvard in 1984 became despondent when he realized that all the anti-segregation laws did not improve the black man’s position in the US.

Judges were asking prosecutors to prove that crimes against blacks had been committed with specific “intent” to harm blacks as a race.

In February 2020 Ahmad Arbery was jogging through a white neighborhood when Travis McMichael and son Gregory blocked his way. They shot him with long rifles generally used for hunting. A third man William Bryan was videoing the occasion and posted it on Facebook. McMichael worked for the prosecutor, who allowed them to go home and forget about it.

It was later revealed that when police arrived, he was still alive, but they gave no assistance.

CRT has a simple explanation. The system is racist and protects racism, daily demeans blacks and makes it impossible to uplift themselves. Catholics are more experienced in fighting the devil than Baptists. They are found on both sides of the fence on this issue, but generally, Catholic Social teaching says that the church supports the oppressed and the widow in the gate.

The conclusion is chilling. If we believe Moore and Professor Brother J.R Hawkins, Southern evangelicals are returning to their segregationist roots. To begin with, they were forced by government to abandon segregation. Now grudgingly, they are using words like individualism, family structure, and safe habitats. Individual blacks like Colin Powell are accepted, but the structures that have destroyed black families, made black areas unsafe to live, remain. That is the definition of systemic racism. The saints say never mind that, an honest hard-working man like Powell will succeed. That is the new hide-out for racists.

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