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Mazuruse tackles social issues through song

By Style Reporter

Consistent musician and producer Forward Mazuruse has produced a single titled Shamwari Yakanaka through which he is tacking social issues among them friendship, disability and equality for the boy and girl child.

Mazuruse, who is the founder and MD of Music for Development Foundation, said the song and video will be available this week.

Shamwari Yakanaka is a song designed to tackle social issues among them friendship, disability and equality between the boy child and girl child,” he said.

“Genuine friendship means love and respect for each other. If you really love someone you do your best to protect them.

“The hate and disregard for others that we witness all stems from lack of genuine friendship.”

The soft-spoken music writer said it is alarming there were kids roaming the streets yet their late parents had loving friends during their time.

Shamwari Yakanaka speaks to pertinent issues that we have disregarded for long. We have kids that are roaming the streets yet their late parents had friends,” Mazuruse said.

“Genuine friends like David in the Bible had regard for their friends.

“We know of how in that bible story King David looked for his late friend Jonathan’s son Mephibosheth and took care of him even with his disabilities, that’s what we encourage.”

Mazuruse said the issue of meaningful child care is a big challenge and it’s even worse when the child is disabled.

“Children need to be loved and looked after but for some there is no such love,” he said.

“It’s worse when the child has disability.

“Let’s support and appreciate the vulnerable, orphans and those living with disability.

“Like David took Mephibosheth to the Palace, let’s ensure every child get a chance at the best in life including good food, health facilities, clothes and education.”

The song also tackles equality between the boy and girl child to ensure the best in society.

“Through the song, we are promoting  equality for both the girl and boy child,” Mazuruse said.

“Both must know they have the opportunites and chance to be whoever they want to be.

“I sing about kids because I am passionate about them.

“I did the theme song Shangu for Tinoda Trust’s shoe mobilisation campaign for vulnerable kids and it was a big success.

“I also did a song to fundraise for Anenyasha who needed a special operation and enough funds were raised though he sadly passed on.”

Mazuruse, who is studying towards a Music Degree at the Midlands State University, also empowers kids through his Music for Development Foundation.

“We are giving kids access to musical instruments, including the girl child who are not usually suported by music producers,” he said.

“We are training tjem music production and theory as well as instruments.

“Besides the main studio we have, the home studio helps us groom the kids.

“Studying for a degree in music helps me raise literate musicians who can interpret music should they pursue it as a full time career.”

The musician also thanked various corporates that are weighing in with support to his music projects.

“I am also grateful to the various partners and corporates that are supporting our music projects,” Mazuruse said.

“These include among others The Bullion Group, Wezhaz Executive Cars, social entrepreneur Mazila Nkatha, VIP Attire who is dressing us and Esteem Communications our branding agency. Such support is key to our success.”

VIP Attire MD Promise Lipochi Maunganidze said they were happy to support Mazuruse’s work.

“Mazuruse is a consistent professional who always gives his best and he is a joy to work with,” Maunganidze.

“As brand that values quality and class, we are happy to be his official wardrobe partners for photoshoots as well as video production.

“This is our way of supporting local arts.”

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