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5Nazh drops new single under Uncle Rhymes Records

By Sindiso Dube

A budding artist, Lincoln The Prezh, also known as 5Nazh, has released his second single under the guidance of Uncle Rhymes Records, a record label run by rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur Rhyme Assassin.

The track Dai So is a bonus track on the artist’s upcoming album set for release next year. The single was produced by Real Beats, a producer from Chitungwiza.

Dai So speaks on the plight of the ordinary Zimbabwean youth and his perspectives on things.

“I made the song during the time when the Covid-19-induced lockdown was on full throttle, I speak of the plight of the ordinary Zimbabwean and mostly the youths. we are living a hard life whereby most youths are making ends meet on the streets through informal ways,” said 5Nash told Standard Style.

“Young people are being forced into crime due to lack of employment, young girls are being forced into prostitution to make ends meet.

“We are educated but that doesn’t mean a thing in Zimbabwe as there are no jobs and the only way many have resorted to is informal trading and dodgy deals to fend for their young families and parents.”

Uncle Rhymes Records described 5Nazh as a 360-degree MC who is a utility artist.

“5Nazh is a great rapper. He is a 360-degree MC who can freestyle off the dome, write songs, and all we want is to have his name pout there with the best,” said Rhyme Assasin.

“We have lined up the release of his album next year, the release of videos, and live performances. 2022 is going to be a good year for 5Nazh.”

Rhyme Assassin is a United Kingdom-based, record label owner, rapper, and entrepreneur.

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