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Travelling & touring: Shadows will always remain loyal

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Situated in a serene low density suburb of what is known as No 1 Section of Hwange, the place christened Shadows Grill House and whose architectural prognosis  is ideal for  family picnic outing and other related pastime revelry.

By Burzil Dube

CHRISTMAS festivities have come and gone with merry making completing the whole enjoyment cycle while it was business as usual to those  who could not fathom such pastime activities.

Threats of Covid-19 Omicron variant could not deter holiday lovers from visiting their places of interest especially  following lifting of travel bans recently introduced by a number of countries.

Room occupancy in hotels and lodges was ‘surprisingly’ oversubscribed especially those who were offering reasonable rates to locals and such a move certainly paid dividends.

Yours Truly has also in the past been part of the band wagon whose anthem was always centred on preferential pricing models  for local guests.

However, it remains to be seen if this trend is going to continue into the foreseeable future as indigenous promotion in the hospitality industry is now the catchword.

Talking of indigenous promotion, Yours Truly in one of his numerous wandering escapades within the coal mining town of Hwange came across what appears to be another feather added  to local tourism industry.

It was during this drifting voyage where Yours Truly came to reality that a shadow will never abandon its beholder in whatever circumstances.

And that is a fact.

Thanks to one Deliverance Nyoni whose idea of a shadow gave birth to an upcoming leisure centre which is gradually curving a name for being a alone but exciting player  within the Hwange tourism sector.

Situated in a serene low density suburb of what is known as No 1 Section of Hwange, the place christened Shadows Grill House and whose architectural prognosis  is ideal for  family picnic outing and other related pastime revelry.

An article was once written in this column a few months showing how this natural resource rich town did not have any suitable place for family outdoor social gathering.

This also dawned to most Hwangerians who admitted that there was indeed a deficiency of picnic places despite having the necessary resources which were not being fully utilised.

The popular Angling and Boating Club was the only place in existence during that time and Yours Truly’s attempts to tour the place hit an embarrassing brick wall.

Yours Truly wishes  to visit the place at the earliest convenience once all  necessary impediments are curtailed.

Back to how Shadows Grill House came into being.

Hwange is endowed with both public and private adult drinking places which is usually the norm in most  mining towns but lacks  informal venues for family excursion.

Such an opportunity was identified and grabbed by (Deliverance) Nyoni who had to scout around for a convenient place inorder to realise his dreams in the unchartered territory.

He was finally granted the premises earlier alluded and the venture nearly suffered still birth when a form of tug of war erupted at home with wife and children on one side who were vehemently opposed to the whole business concept.

However, sanity finally prevailed on both sides in terms of vision and other related issues.

Shadows Grill House situated a stone throw away from the town’s central business district, is today a rendezvous for various families to enjoy themselves without any hindrances unlike other entertainment places that  are usually an abomination to children.

“We are not yet into selling of alcohol and do not want to envisage a situation where an adult might be competing at the counter for attention to buy alcohol or soft drink.

“This will certainly destroy the whole purpose for this place as it is not only earmarked for locals but also for other patrons even those travelling on the highway which is also adjacent to this place,” said Nyoni in a recent brief ‘interview’ with Yours Truly.

Dwelling on  nitty-gritties associated with picnic and family outing for this particular place would leave for another day as it is already gradually proving to be the most popular family gathering focal point especially during weekends and school holidays.

Nyoni, a firm believer in sharing of expertise and acumen jointly owns the place with Ngoya Terry Tshamala while the latter adeptness in the food industry is widely known in this coal mining town and will certainly bring completion into the sector.

Deliverance Nyoni also known as ‘Dissident’ in entertainment circles is married to Sharon Kalala and blessed with three girls and a boy

So how did the name Shadows came into being?

“The only thing which is loyal to a person is a shadow and will never under any circumstances desert you.

“So we took that as a name because we will forever be loyal and be there with  people from Hwange in whatever situation and just like what a shadow does to a person,” said Nyoni who is also a resident dee-jay whose acumen on the turn tables has brought him offers from neighbouring countries.

Yours Truly will certainly make a date for a ‘shadow’ during the New Year’s eve as we seek to close the 2021 year in the proverbial style.

Wishing you a prosperous 2022 of travelling and touring adventures.

Till we meet again in the next mail.

Comments always welcome on: dubebasill@gmail.com or  Twitter@DubeBurzil

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