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Morline Shalom back in studio

By Jotham Gutsa

AFRO-JAZZ gospel artiste, Morline Shalom Kuwana, who had gone into a five-year sabbatical, will release her fifth album titled The Very Best Of Morline Shalom later this month

The multi-talented musician-cum-businesswoman, fronts Morline Shalom and Shammah Music group and is the owner of Platinum Home Incorporated Pvt Ltd, a designer company of home interiors, exteriors and antique furniture. Morline Shalom said she was enthralled by music at a tender age of three years.

“I feel it is a purpose. That is what I was also born to do. I had the feeling from a tender age and from Grade 3 I joined the choirs until I completed my tertiary education. I have been in almost all Christian choirs,” Morline Shalom said.

“Lincoln Muchinga inspired me in the industry when we were having leadership workshops at Laying Solid Foundation.

“There you are helped to find your career path when I shared my experience and dreams; he encouraged me to always record on my phone so that I won’t forget what I was singing.

“The moment I started doing this, music was flowing and the next thing I found myself at Monolio studios where Clive Mono Mukundu told me that I had a gift of melody.”

Morline said she first recorded her first album titled Mwari Utatu which refers to the Holy Trinity in 2010. She released her second album Nyaya Yacho in August 2011, which features the popular video Zimbabwe.

She went on to release her third album Mira (Be Still) in 2014 and the fourth album Zvibvunze in 2017.

A product of Clive “Mono” Mukundu, Morline said her music was a fusion of Afro-jazz, kwaito, rhumba, sungura and reggae.

“Music just comes and I feel it is good to sing gospel in all these beats so that everyone will be ministered to spirit while enjoying the beat,” she said.

“I am a product of Clive Mukundu at Monolio Studio. With God all things are possible and I am pursuing my dreams.

“While others are limited by the sky I am not going to be limited because our God is a God of no limits.”

Morline said she was looking forward to do collaborations with a number of established gospel musicians in the country to spread the word of God.

“I will be very much happy to have collaboration with Shingisai Siluma, Olivia Charamba, Mechanic Manyeruke and of course Jah Prayzah. People may wonder why I would want to collaborate with him but I love his music and somehow he has his own way of preaching and inspiring people of which I like,” said Morline.

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