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Letter to my people: The death of coalition of the wounded


My Dear People,

If you were to listen to the government, you would be convinced that everything is going well. Actually, you would think Zimbabwe has one of the best economies in the region, if not the world.

But, you see, as I always say, nobody needs to be told by the government that the economy is working. People can easily see improvement in their lives.

Take the GNU period for example; there was no minister or bureaucrat who went out of their way to tell people that the economy had improved. Zimbabweans felt the change on their own.

Prices are going up daily, while the exchange rate is going wild and government has no control.

If you use bread for example, its price has always been around US$1. So going by today’s price, the rate of the US dollar on the parallel market is way above ZWL$200.

But using the government rate, bread is about $1,90, making it probably the most expensive loaf in the world.

Then there are people that are flooding South Africa. While migration has always been between Zimbabwe and its southern neighbour, the scale of movement is quite scary and it shows that there is something patently wrong in Launchmore’s country.

People are crossing into South Africa in large numbers, but they wouldn’t be doing so if the economy was performing as well as Mthuli wants us to believe.

Zimbabweans are being harassed daily by attention seeking politicians and vigilante groups in South Africa, but they would rather brave it out there than come back here where there is literally no hope.

Mthuli is actually the gaslighter in chief, he talks a big game but on delivery there is nothing except one way tweets.

To be a propagandist for this lot should be an easy job because you just say the first thing that comes to mind.

But with Cde Ndavaningi, the bar is really low – the guy is really bad at his job. Take for instance, this past week he took to Twitter to post a picture of Launchmore supposedly on holiday and mixing with the ordinary folk.

The picture was meant to show Launchmore as accessible and in touch with the grassroots.

The only problem is that the picture in question was not taken this year, but rather in 2018. How incompetent can a high level bureaucrat be to make such a rookie mistake?

Is the band getting together again? What a tribute that would be for Baba as it will keep his legacy alive.

I read Tyson’s statement the other day and almost shed an emotional tear. The only reason I didn’t cry is because I didn’t want to ruin my makeup kkk.

See Baba had a vision for young people to take over the party and the country and Tyson is one such person.

Zanu PF needs to be rescued from itself and the only people that are capable of doing this are Baba’s proteges.

I have not spoken to Tyson in a while, but he was saying the right things. Baba would be so proud kkk.

The meeting with Temba and Killer also set the cat among the pigeons and I can only wait to see what happens from here. I can only say let the games begin.

The garrulous and cantankerous Chris issued a wordy statement on Tyson’s latest manouevres. It shows that they are running scared.

Chris is worse than Ndavaningi when it comes to propaganda.

This is because Chris thinks he knows everything and nothing works without him.

Such people don’t listen and by doing so don’t learn much to their own detriment. Ndavaningi on the other hand – bless him – he is out of his depth.

I wait to see Tyson’s next move, but this is exciting.

The circus is rolling in the MDC-T. Dougie says he has suspended Sis Thoko. On the other hand Sis Thoko says the party has split and she is now the leader of one faction of the MDC-T.

There was nothing that brought Dougie and Sis Thoko together except anger at Nero. It was a coalition of the wounded with no ideological backgrounding.

Now that they are in charge of the party, their differences are out in the open for all to see.

I feel for Sis Thoko, she was naive to sup with Dougie in the first place and the chickens are coming home to roost.

Unfortunately for both of them, they really have no base and are fighting for crumbs. Well, the nomination courts sit in three days’ time and we are going to be in for some political drama.

Stop IT!!!


Dr Stop It (PHD) Fake

Feedback: Doctorstopit@gmail.com

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