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Magi speaks on motherhood, baby Reece

By Sindiso Dube
Actress and TV personality Sharon “Magi” Chideu, who recently welcomed the arrival of her second child Reece, said being a mother won’t hinder her artistry.

Magi is now a mother of two —  Samara (7) and Reece.

Magi is a character she plays in the popular comedy show, Bustop TV where she is one of the two female comedians, the other being Samantha “Gonyeti” Kureya. She is an actress, filmmaker, scriptwriter, journalist, stand-up comedienne and MC.

Despite being pregnant, Magi said she had to work till the last month of delivery.

“By being a woman, sounds basic, but yah, when they say we have mastered multitasking it’s no joke,” she said.

“The primal need to provide for my own and in a climate like ours, had me working till the very last day.

“I remember joking on set telling the guys that if it happens (labour) continue rolling, it’s content.”

She described motherhood as the best “job” in the world.

“It is the best job in the world. It’s demanding, tasking, painful but extremely rewarding. The kids are great, Samara is beyond excited, she had been asking for a sibling for ages,” Magi said.

Speaking on fellow artistes who quit their jobs after getting married or giving birth, Magi said: “If I quit my job and then what? It’s not a hobby. I don’t just go up in front of a camera in my spare time for a few minutes and record a clip; it’s a whole job, a process. Many married women and mothers are out there working for their families and two pay checks are better than one after all. Who knows why some drop off the arts scene, maybe their partners tell them to or it was never really a long term plan.”

The actress revealed that she will be taking some time off before coming back.

“I’m just taking a few weeks off; if I could I’d be out there already,” Magi said.

“This year expect growth from me, growth in every way. No new year new me mantra, just growth.

“Everything I have done has been an important step in building strength and greatness.”

Magi shared pictures of her baby bump and received negative comments from some who described it as “uncultured”.

“Honestly, criticism is nothing new to me. I’m a woman in arts, comedy, who speaks about everything and anything,” she said.

“We have been breaking the mould for the past seven years, be it in politics or culture.

“I had some people sending screenshots of comments referencing ‘our’ culture, what is culture anyway?”

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