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Out & about: Rapper Kiddo CSA stays vigilant

By Grant Moyo

Sipho Ncube, a rising Johannesburg rapper known publicly as Kiddo CSA is hitting all the right notes into the new year as a result of the much anticipated acclivity to success of his debut single titled Haibo. While the video to the musical composition is steadily gaining traction on video streaming platform — YouTube — the potential break-out hit catapulted on the Metro FM Top 40 Charts, debuting on January 15.

Kiddo CSA, who grew up in a family that listened to all kinds of music genres is from the East Rand in Johannesburg. Raised in an environment overflowing with hip-hop street culture, he fell in love with the artistic creation of poetry and found himself writing expressive style. Being good in superficial flows amalgamated with punch lines, Kiddo CSA learned so much from the hip hop culture and eventually decided to make his own music.

The hip hop knocker who is often than not been described as a voice to be reckoned with and an emerging household name who will soon become a widely recognised rapper, is full of an irrefutable love for hip hop — which is evident in his galore freestyle audiovisuals posted on various social media platforms. Having caught the attention of musical artiste DJ PH, Kiddo CSA featured on the track Gotta Go alongside South African and American hip hop recording artiste and record producer Da LES. as well as musical artiste Tumi Tladi.

Prior to joining Warner Music South Africa, an affiliate of Warner Music Group (WMG), a renowned American multinational entertainment and record label conglomerate, which is a global leader in music repertoire and home to some of the best-known labels in the recorded music industry — Kiddo CSA delivered a single titled Stay Down, which features American rapper Jayson Mick Jenkins and was produced by Undfind. Regarded as a facile act with bars and wisdom beyond his age,  Kiddo CSA’s first major single release with Warner Music South Africa Haibo, which was officially dropped last year in November, couples his lyrical genius and easygoing delivery to present a sound that maintains the grit of hip hop, and the light weightiness of pop.

Recorded in Johannesburg, with London Rhodes behind the desk, the song was born after the musicians’ second hookup in studio. The heavy hitting base magnifies the get-up-and-go ambiance behind Haibo, and Kiddo CSA’s effortless flow is complimented by the accented instrumental — adding flavour to the track.

“Haibo” is a South African expression for something surprising or sudden to hear. Right now my life is changing in all aspects and hence there’s a repetitive chant to express my current feelings,” Kiddo CSA said.

“It’s a vibe and you feel it when listening to the song. The verses explain the struggles I’ve faced before getting to this point — ‘down below it was poverty, let it show’. It’ll always be a reminder for me to keep working harder and to get in alignment with my higher self.

“I’ve been in the mud before, but I’m never going back — haibo!”

Ending the year with a nod for Best Emerging Artist at the VOW FM Awards in December last year, 2022 has just begun, but for Kiddo CSA there is no slowing down. During his interview on Metro FM — a national radio station in South Africa owned by the South African Broadcasting Corporation — the straight-from-the-shoulder rapper hinted to DJ Sabby that he is presently busy in the studio, cooking brand new auditory sensation. Kiddo CSA said that music lovers from all over the globe can look forward to the release of his EP (extended play) and mixtape in the next few months.

“The goal is to just keep making great music, while making my mama proud! It’s mind blowing to think that I’m now on a radio station I grew up listening to, this is a real; ‘Haibo’ moment for me,” Kiddo CSA said.

Appreciative of the support, his family and friends have been giving him since the inception of his vocation as a performing artist, and citing South African singer, rapper, and actor Sjava as well as American rapper Young Thug as inspirational artists he admires, from the cradle of his career Kiddo CSA’s goal was to make music and have a relationship with people through auditory communication.

Speaking of who he is and what it took for him to get to where he is, in his soon to be released musical offering, the rapper will put spotlight on his hardships, hoping to inspire people in similar predicaments and individuals going through any forms of “elbow grease” nerve-wracking times.

  • Grant Moyo is a prolific writer, innovative media personality, entrepreneur and a creative artist who is passionate about using his creative mind for the betterment of society. Follow him on Twitter: @TotemGrant

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