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ManLuckerz’s album launch date set

By Style Reporter

Sweden-based multi-talented artiste Luckson Chikutu, affectionately known as ManLuckerz, is set to launch his seventh music album titled Rongeka-Be Organised on March 26.

The album containing six tracks will be launched at Gottsunda Kulturhus, Uppsala, in the Scandinavian country.

The album is laden with social commentary tracks mainly urging young people to be “organised” in life.

“I am glad that the launch date is set and we have already begun preparations for the big day. The album advises people with high dreams and ambitions to be organised in order to achieve their goals,” Chikutu told Standard Style.

Some of the tracks on the album include Ngwavha-Ngwavha, Pombi Yadonha and Ukama, among others.

The Zim-Traditional Unity Band leader said he hopes that the album would have a positive impact in the lives of the people.

“I pray that people get to understand the lyrics and advice in the songs. The songs carry the message that is important to us all. People’s lives should be changed for the better through music,” he said.

His other six albums include Macharangwanda, Pandiri, Madhinga, Gutu-My Roots, Baba NaMai Molly and Ndundu-Madhaiza.

The Gutu-born musician is known across Europe through his poetry, storytelling and theatre.

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