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Memo turns to social media to increase stardom


ACTRESS-CUM-MUSICIAN Memory Chinamasa has shifted to social media to engage with fans and enhance her career.

Popularly known as Memo in showbiz circles, Chinamasa said she was compelled to use social media platforms after realising how people can effectively interact through them.

“I have opened a new Facebook page to upload my short dramas now after getting encouragement from fans when l featured in some of Mai Titi’s skits and dramas,” Memo said.

“I am putting more effort in acting dramas to entertain my fans now. I am making short dramas and video clips to entertain fans, streaming them on Facebook and YouTube.”

She was motivated by Mai Titi and lately, has been putting more effort on short films, thanks to the feedback she is getting from fans.

“I am receiving messages in my box from people who get my phone number on my Facebook page saying l should keep doing dramas and they think l will go far,” Memo said.

“This has encouraged me to put more effort on working on these short dramas because people like them.”

Chinamasa believes acting is in her blood and uses the Manyika dialect to spice up her dramas.

She said she was spreading her acting and now incorporating the rural areas.

“I went to Chigodora village in Mutare for five days for a village setting for my dramas,” she said.

“I want to remind people how they grew up and their roots in these short drama clips so l thought that a village setting will be the best.

“I am posting a clip soon titled Kurwizi, which was shot in the rural areas.”

Memo is famed for the song Jongwe Rangu, which was released last year and a popular track featured on national television ZBC’s Ezomgido.

The song once topped the charts on ZBC’s Classic 263 radio station.

She also recorded a song titled Ndinokusuwa produced by Oskid, while her other track titled Baya was recorded under Makumbe Production.

Memo, who is also a member of the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services band, said she uses her voice as an instrument.

She is working on a song titled Uri Wangu, which is coming out on Valentine’s Day.

The song is being produced by revered producer Mono Mukundu.

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