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Zanu PF’s Chitungwiza campaign raises stink

Former Chitungwiza deputy mayor and Citizens Coalition for Change's ward 19 candidate, Muza Makweza accused the local authority of aiding Zanu PF’s Samuel Chiwese in his campaign.


Chitungwiza residents have taken a swipe at the local authority for allegedly siding with Zanu PF and aiding its campaign ahead of the by-election on March 26.

This publication also established that there is a lot of development in certain wards and in St Mary’s constituency, which are being presented to residence as the work of the Zanu PF candidate.

In most of the projects underway, the local authority is seen to be working with Zanu PF.

Former Chitungwiza deputy mayor and Citizens Coalition for Change’s ward 19 candidate, Muza Makweza accused the local authority of aiding Zanu PF’s Samuel Chiwese in his campaign.

Makweza, who was axed by Douglas Mwonzora’s MDC, alleged that Chiwese was on February 4 given council vehicles and workers to service roads in ward 19 as a campaign strategy.

“I always say that let’s separate politics and development,” he said.

“As I speak council vehicles and workers have been surrendered to the Zanu PF team which is campaigning for votes.

“Surprisingly, if I tell the council that a particular area needs attention it doesn’t take action, but when it comes to politics, it acts promptly.

“Surely, we won’t go anywhere with such a mentality.

“The council workers were taken from where they were opening storm drains to fill potholes with council vehicles as a way of campaigning for votes.

“Vehicles started coming at 9:30am and the team was led by Zanu PF ward 19 chairperson Taurai Murenga, who was in his car.

“An ex-soldier Nick, Chiwese and the rest of the team were wearing party regalia.”

Makweza said he sent a message to the service delivery group, but the council didn’t react.

Chitungwiza acting town clerk Evangelista Machona and spokesperson Lovemore Meya professed ignorance over the matter.

Chiwese denied the allegations saying on the day in question he simply joined council workers as they cleaned the ward as part of the national clean-up day.

“I haven’t been offered anything by the council and my last visit to its offices was when I was going to the nomination court,” he said.

“Since President Emmerson Mnangagwa declared every first Friday of the month as a national clean-up day, I just went around with a broom with a couple of my bosses and we met council workers whom we simply joined as they did their cleaning.

“That’s the only interaction I did with the council. We just went out to help.

“We relate well with Makweza regardless of political affiliation.

“He is now seeing me as a threat. He is just afraid of losing an election.”

Meanwhile, residents in St Mary’s constituency said they have of late seen some notable development in the area, which they believe is being done by the local authority working in partnership with Zanu PF.

“We have been having running water everyday here in Zengeza 1 since the day Zanu PF held a rally at Macheka Square and promised that there won’t be an uninterrupted water supply.

“And believe you me, we have been having water here for almost two weeks, something that has never happened in 15 years or so,” said a resident, who resides along Rufaro Road, Zengeza 1.

“We, however, know what really is happening. It’s just a ploy to get our votes.

“Why is it that this part of Chitungwiza is having running water over this period while others are going for days without the commodity?

The resident said they have also seen the local authority working tirelessly to clear the drains in the last few weeks.

“They have hired contractors, who are aligned to Zanu PF to clear the drains.

“They have hired private companies to assist with equipment and all is being done just before elections,” she said.

Chitungwiza Residents Trust director Alice Kuvheya said she was yet to get the details from the said areas before she could comment on the matter.

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